Flowers in keeping with the history of the church are the most appropriate.   Generally flowers are placed on the center table and the window sills.  Two wreaths may be hung on the front doors.  You may also use arrangements next to the guest book table and on the step as you enter the church.


Bows and flowers may be tied on the pews and/or to the column that support the gallery. They must be attached with ribbon, string, elastic or pew clips.  Wires, pipe cleaners, tape, nails and tacks are not allowed.


Aisle runners are not permitted.


Decorations may not be put on the stoves, benches, in the aisles, attached to the pulpit or to the walls behind the pulpit. 


Pedestals and other devices to hold flowers may not be brought into the church.


You may hang small wreaths on the Palladian windows as long as you provide the wreath hangers.


With the Site Managers approval, you may decorate the church after your rehearsal if time permits and your wedding is the first wedding on Saturday.




All candles must be enclosed in a glass hurricane shade.  This includes candles in flower arrangements.  If candles do not have a hurricane shade they may not be lit and/or will be removed from the arrangement.  Please notify your florist.


All candles must be smokeless AND drip less.  Since they are not always easy to find, we sell them in our gift shop.  They are available in white or ivory. 


Unity candles are not permitted in any form. 


Candles are to be lit and extinguished by the Site Manager only.  Candles will be lit approximately one half hour before your wedding and will be extinguished following the ceremony.   Please do not blow out the candles as this can cause wax to blow onto the window sills and table.


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