Whether you hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to take pictures of your ceremony, all must comply with the rules set forth by the PHMC in “Conduct for Photographers”.   A copy is included in your packet of information that is sent with your confirmation.  If you did not receive one, please call the wedding coordinator and we will get you one.


Photographers are held responsible for any and all breakage or damage that they may incur.  Remember, this is a historical site and often the damage is irreplaceable.


Both the photographers and their subjects are permitted to use all areas of the church as long as they do not move any furniture, exhibits or stand on any of the benches or pews. Neither the photographer nor their subjects may use the pulpit area or steps.  Only four individuals are allowed to be on the gallery stairways at one time.


Be sure your photographer realizes the time scheduled for your wedding.  This schedule must be adhered to since there is often more than one wedding scheduled on the same day.



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