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Feb 10, 2022

Join Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi International in Celebration and Song

Peace Church is proud to present an enchanting evening of celebration and spiritual music featuring renowned artists Marty Haugen and ValLimar Jansen. This not-to-be-missed concert brings together Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi International in an extraordinary celebration of faith, peace, and unity.

The Power of Music and Community Fellowship

Music has always played a vital role in our human experience, connecting us on a deep, emotional level. It has the power to uplift spirits, inspire change, and foster a sense of togetherness. At Peace Church, we understand the transformative power of music, especially when shared within a community of like-minded individuals.

This concert will be a unique opportunity to witness the incredible talents of Marty Haugen and ValLimar Jansen, internationally recognized musicians and composers. Through their soul-stirring performances, they create an atmosphere where the audience can immerse themselves in a profound spiritual experience.

A Night of Spiritual Music

Marty Haugen and ValLimar Jansen will take the stage at Peace Church to share their gifts and talents with our community. The concert repertoire will feature a blend of contemporary and traditional spiritual songs, celebrating our faith and beliefs. Expect to be captivated by the harmonies, melodies, and powerful lyrics that resonate deep within the soul.

As you join us for this memorable night of music, you'll not only be entertained but also be uplifted and inspired. Each song carries a message of hope, compassion, love, and peace, inviting all attendees to reflect on their own spiritual journey and embrace a deeper connection with their faith.

Embrace the Community

Peace Church welcomes people from all walks of life and is committed to fostering a strong sense of community and belonging. Our events, such as this concert, provide an opportunity for individuals to come together, connect, and form lasting relationships based on shared values.

By attending this concert, you'll have the chance to meet fellow concert-goers who share a passion for peace, spirituality, and music. It's a chance to expand your network, build new friendships, and strengthen the social fabric of our community.

Tickets and Details

The concert with Marty Haugen and ValLimar Jansen will be held at Peace Church on the specified date. Doors will open at [time]. The event is open to all, regardless of religious affiliation or background. We encourage you to invite friends, family, and colleagues to share in this incredible musical experience.

Tickets for the concert are available for purchase through our website or at the Peace Church office. Be sure to secure your seats early, as this is expected to be a sold-out event. By purchasing a ticket, you'll not only experience an extraordinary evening of music but also support the important work of Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi International in promoting peace and justice globally.

At Peace Church, we believe music has the power to connect us, inspire us, and change us. Join us for this exceptional concert, and together let us celebrate and embrace the harmonies that unite us all.