Pax Christi USA recognizes Rev. Bryan N. Massingale S.T.D with the 2021 Teacher of Peace Award

Mar 30, 2022

Welcome to Peace Church, where we celebrate faith, peace, and the remarkable achievements of individuals who make a significant difference in our community. We are proud to announce that Rev. Bryan N. Massingale, S.T.D, has been honored with the esteemed 2021 Teacher of Peace Award by Pax Christi USA, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to promoting peace and justice through his dedicated work.


Rev. Bryan N. Massingale is a highly respected theologian, educator, and social justice advocate who has dedicated his life to addressing critical issues within our society. As a renowned figure in the Catholic community, his work encompasses the intersection of faith, ethics, and social responsibility. Through his teachings, writings, and activism, he has touched the lives of countless individuals, inspiring them to embrace love, compassion, and justice.

Contributions and Impact

Rev. Bryan N. Massingale's contributions to the betterment of our society are both profound and far-reaching. His work has had a tremendous impact on advocacy for marginalized communities, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and the pursuit of peace. His dedication to championing the principles of equality, respect, and inclusion has resonated with people from different backgrounds, fostering understanding and dialogue amidst challenging times.

Advocacy for Marginalized Communities

Rev. Massingale has been an unwavering advocate for marginalized communities, lending his voice to those who have been silenced or oppressed. Through his insightful writings and thought-provoking lectures, he has shed light on the experiences of racial and ethnic minorities, highlighting the systemic challenges they face. His work has paved the way for meaningful conversations and policy changes aimed at dismantling structures of inequality and promoting social justice.

Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Rev. Massingale's commitment to racial justice and reconciliation has been instrumental in fostering dialogue and healing within our society. By confronting the realities of systemic racism, he has challenged individuals and institutions to acknowledge their own biases and actively work towards dismantling racial barriers. Through his teachings, he encourages compassion, understanding, and unity, emphasizing the importance of standing in solidarity with marginalized communities.

LGBTQ+ Rights and Inclusion

In embracing the principles of love, acceptance, and inclusion, Rev. Massingale has been a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ rights within the Catholic Church and society at large. His fearless advocacy for equality and recognition of the inherent dignity of all individuals has helped bridge the gap between faith traditions and the LGBTQ+ community, fostering dialogue and understanding. His work serves as a beacon of hope for those who have felt marginalized, reminding them that they are welcomed and cherished.

Promoting Peace and Nonviolence

Rev. Massingale's unwavering commitment to peace and nonviolence is at the core of his teachings and activism. Through his thought-provoking speeches and writings, he encourages individuals to engage in constructive conversations, finding peaceful resolutions to conflicts. His compassionate approach to justice addresses the root causes of violence, inspiring others to embrace alternative paths towards reconciliation and understanding.

Continuing the Journey

Rev. Bryan N. Massingale's recognition with the 2021 Teacher of Peace Award by Pax Christi USA serves as a reminder of the transformative power of faith and the profound impact one individual can have on society. At Peace Church, we are honored to celebrate his exceptional contributions and acknowledge his tireless efforts to build a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world.

We invite you to join us in congratulating Rev. Massingale on this well-deserved recognition. Let us be inspired by his example and continue to work towards the creation of a society rooted in love, justice, and peace.

Rosie Garcia
Congratulations to Rev. Bryan N. Massingale, S.T.D. on being awarded the 2021 Teacher of Peace Award by Pax Christi USA! 🌟🙌 Your dedication to promoting peace and justice is truly inspiring. The impact you have made in our community is immeasurable. Keep shining your light and spreading love. We are privileged to have you as a leader and a role model. 🙏✨
Nov 11, 2023