A Reflection at the Start of Lent 2023

Oct 8, 2019


Welcome to Peace Church! As the Lenten season of 2023 begins, we invite you to join us in a meaningful reflection on this important time in the Christian calendar. Lent, originating from the Old English word meaning "spring," is a period of forty days (excluding Sundays) that leads up to Easter Sunday. It is a time of spiritual growth, repentance, and renewal, offering believers an opportunity to deepen their faith and connection with God.

The Significance of Lent

Lent holds great significance for Christians worldwide, regardless of denomination. It serves as a reminder of Jesus Christ's forty days of fasting in the wilderness, during which He faced temptation from Satan. This period of reflection and preparation before Easter enables believers to identify with Christ's sacrifice, and prepares our hearts to celebrate His resurrection.

Practices during Lent

During Lent, Christians undertake a variety of practices to foster spiritual growth and engage in self-reflection. These practices may include prayer, fasting, and acts of charity. Let us explore some of these practices in more detail:

1. Prayer

Prayer is at the core of a believer's relationship with God. During Lent, individuals may choose to deepen their prayer life by setting aside dedicated time for prayer, attending church services, or participating in prayer groups. Prayer serves as a powerful tool to seek guidance, find solace, and strengthen one's connection with the divine.

2. Fasting

Fasting is the act of giving up certain foods or activities for a set period. Many Christians choose to fast during Lent as a symbolic gesture of sacrifice and self-discipline. By abstaining from certain pleasures or indulgences, individuals can redirect their focus towards spiritual development, cultivating a greater sense of self-control and reliance on God.

3. Acts of Charity

Lent is a time to express selflessness and compassion through acts of charity. This can involve volunteering at local organizations, donating to charitable causes, or dedicating time to help those in need. By embodying Christ's love and teachings through acts of service, believers actively participate in shaping a more compassionate and just society.

Deepening Faith and Connection with God

Lent presents a golden opportunity to deepen your faith and strengthen your connection with God. It offers a chance for reflection, repentance, and growth. By engaging in contemplative practices such as reading scripture, attending church services, or participating in retreats, individuals can experience a renewed sense of spirituality and draw closer to God.

1. Reflecting on Scripture

The study and contemplation of scripture can lead to a deeper understanding of God's Word and provide spiritual nourishment. During Lent, consider setting aside time to read and reflect on passages that resonate with you. This intentional practice fosters a deeper relationship with God and a clearer understanding of His purposes and teachings.

2. Attending Church Services

Worshiping together in community is a vital aspect of the Christian faith. Attending church services during Lent can offer solace, encouragement, and a sense of unity with fellow believers. Churches often have special services and liturgies during this season, providing an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich traditions and symbols associated with Lent.

3. Participating in Retreats

A spiritual retreat during Lent can offer a refreshing change of pace and an opportunity for profound introspection. Retreats provide a chance to step away from the busyness of daily life and create space for silence, prayer, and reflection. These dedicated moments of retreat enable individuals to recenter their focus on God and discern His leading in their lives.


As the Lenten season of 2023 unfolds, Peace Church invites you to embark on a meaningful journey of self-reflection, growth, and renewed spiritual connection with God. Through prayer, fasting, acts of charity, and intentional practices aimed at deepening your faith, you can embrace the full richness and significance of this sacred time. Let us journey together, anticipating the joyous celebration of Easter and the hope it represents for all believers.