Welcome to Peace Church Calendar

Apr 12, 2023

Stay Connected with Our Vibrant Community

As a pillar of togetherness and spirituality in our community, Peace Church offers an extensive calendar that showcases our diverse range of events and activities. Join us in celebrating our faith and beliefs, and engage with our tight-knit community through various gatherings and programs.

Discover Our Upcoming Events

Our calendar is constantly updated with upcoming events, making it easier for you to plan and participate. Whether you are a member of Peace Church or someone looking to explore our community, our events cater to all age groups and interests.

Worship Gatherings

Inspire your soul by attending our weekly worship gatherings. Every Sunday, we come together as a community to express our faith, share meaningful messages, and engage in spiritual practices. Our dedicated and knowledgeable clergy lead these gatherings, providing guidance and support to individuals seeking a deeper connection with their spirituality.

Community Outreach Programs

At Peace Church, we believe in serving our community and making a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Our calendar includes various community outreach programs, such as food drives, clothing donations, and volunteer opportunities. Join us in lending a helping hand, as we strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for everyone.

Educational Workshops

We understand the importance of continual personal and spiritual growth. Our educational workshops offer valuable insights and teachings, helping individuals navigate life's challenges with grace and wisdom. From Bible study groups to mindfulness sessions, our calendar covers a wide range of educational opportunities designed to enrich your understanding of faith and beliefs.

Social Gatherings and Celebrations

Connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar beliefs is an essential part of our community. Peace Church hosts various social gatherings and celebrations, giving you the chance to bond with others and establish lasting friendships. From picnics and potlucks to concerts and holiday events, our calendar is your gateway to an enriching and enjoyable social experience.

How Our Calendar Helps You Stay Organized

Our comprehensive calendar makes it easy for you to keep track of all the events and activities happening at Peace Church. By staying informed, you can plan ahead and ensure that you don't miss out on any experiences that resonate with you.

  • Clear and detailed event descriptions: Each event listed on our calendar comes with a comprehensive description, so you know exactly what to expect. Whether it's the theme of a worship gathering, the focus of an educational workshop, or the purpose of a community outreach program, our event descriptions provide you with all the necessary information.
  • Seamless event registration: For events that require registration, our calendar allows you to sign up effortlessly. Simply click on the event, fill in the required details, and secure your spot at the gathering of your choice.
  • Email notifications: Subscribe to our calendar's email notifications, and you'll receive regular updates about upcoming events directly to your inbox. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect with our community and engage in activities that align with your interests.
  • Integration with personal calendars: Our calendar also offers the convenience of integrating with popular digital calendar platforms, such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Syncing our events with your personal calendar ensures that you have all the event details at your fingertips.

Join Our Community and Find Your Spiritual Home

Peace Church welcomes individuals from all walks of life to become part of our vibrant community. We believe that through gatherings, events, and shared experiences, we can create a nurturing environment where everyone can flourish in their faith and beliefs.

By actively engaging in community activities and attending our various events, you'll find a supportive network that encourages personal growth and provides a sense of belonging. Join us on this enriching journey, as we come together to celebrate our spirituality and make a positive impact in our community.

Explore our calendar, mark your interests, and embark on a fulfilling path that aligns with your values. We look forward to connecting with you at Peace Church.