Peace Church CFC Blog | Just Released | “Always Good”

Jan 6, 2018


Welcome to the CFC Blog by Peace Church! In this post, we are excited to discuss the newly released book, "Always Good." This book has captivated our community with its profound insights on faith, hope, and the goodness of God. Join us as we explore the thoughts and messages intricately woven throughout its pages.

The Power of "Always Good"

"Always Good" is an extraordinary book authored by a skilled writer who skillfully articulates the essence of faith and belief. This masterpiece resonates profoundly with our community and broadens our understanding of God's goodness in our lives. Through detailed storytelling and thought-provoking examples, the author ignites a spark of inspiration, encouraging readers to explore their relationship with God on a deeper level.

Exploring the Themes

1. Faith

One of the central themes in "Always Good" is faith. The author delves into the transformative power of faith and its ability to bring hope and peace in challenging times. Through personal anecdotes and biblical references, the book shines a light on the importance of unwavering trust in God's goodness, even when faced with adversity.

2. Hope

The concept of hope is intricately woven into the fabric of "Always Good." The author emphasizes the significance of hope as a driving force during difficult circumstances. With vivid descriptions and relatable stories, the book teaches us to anchor our hope in God's promises, finding solace and strength even in the darkest moments.

3. God’s Goodness

At the core of "Always Good" lies a profound exploration of God's goodness. Through meticulous analysis and scriptural references, the author presents compelling arguments that reinforce our belief in a loving and benevolent God. The book challenges conventional notions and invites readers to embrace God's goodness, recognizing the beauty and blessings present even in the midst of trials.

The Impact on Our Community

The release of "Always Good" has had a profound impact within our community at Peace Church. This remarkable piece of literature has fostered a sense of unity, enabling conversations that delve deeper into our shared beliefs. Its engaging narrative has resonated with individuals from diverse backgrounds, drawing them closer together with a newfound sense of purpose and hope.


In conclusion, "Always Good" is a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional theological texts, empowering readers to embrace faith, hope, and God's goodness. Its relevance and impact on our community cannot be understated. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey and discover the transformative power of these profound messages. Let Peace Church be your guiding light as you explore the depths of your own faith and encounter God's goodness in every aspect of life.

Michele Glassman
This book sounds absolutely amazing and life-changing! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and dive into the profound insights on faith, hope, and the goodness of God. It's incredible how a single book can have such a powerful impact on a community. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Looking forward to exploring the book and discussing it further.
Nov 10, 2023