Gospel Assembly Church Bronx: A Synagogue, Religious Organization, and Church

Nov 26, 2023

Welcome to Gospel Assembly Church in Bronx, NY

Gospel Assembly Church in Bronx, NY, also known as fccbronx.org, stands as a prominent and welcoming spiritual hub serving as a synagogue, religious organization, and church. With strong roots in the local community, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive family of believers who seek to deepen their faith, connect with others, and make a positive impact in the Bronx area.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusive Faith

At Gospel Assembly Church, we firmly believe that every individual, regardless of background or beliefs, deserves love, respect, and an opportunity to encounter God. Our doors are open to people from all walks of life, and we celebrate diversity as a testament to God's creativity. Whether you identify as Jewish, Christian, or any other faith, our inclusive community warmly welcomes you to share your spiritual journey with us.

We believe that unity amidst diversity is a powerful force that can transform lives and communities. By fostering an environment where people feel accepted and valued, we strive to forge meaningful connections and bridge cultural gaps. Our synagogue, religious organization, and church promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperative efforts that contribute to the collective well-being of the Bronx.

Promoting Spiritual Growth and Worship

At Gospel Assembly Church, we prioritize nurturing faith and helping individuals develop a deeper connection with God. Through a variety of worship services, prayer meetings, and Bible classes, we provide opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal. Our committed clergy and dedicated volunteers are always ready to guide and support you on your spiritual journey.

We believe that worship is a holistic experience that engages the mind, heart, and spirit. Our church services feature dynamic sermons, uplifting music, and communal participation that create an atmosphere of reverence and celebration. Whether you prefer traditional hymns, contemporary praise songs, or a blend of both, our diverse music ministry offers a rich tapestry of worship expressions.

Invested in Social Justice and Community Outreach

At Gospel Assembly Church, we understand that faith without action is incomplete. As a result, we are deeply committed to social justice and community outreach initiatives. Our synagogue, religious organization, and church actively engage in programs that address societal challenges such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, and inequality.

We firmly believe in loving our neighbors as ourselves and actively work towards uplifting the disadvantaged and marginalized. Through strategic partnerships with local organizations, we provide practical assistance, educational resources, and empowerment programs that aim to improve the overall quality of life for individuals and families in the Bronx.

Opportunities for Spiritual Enrichment

In addition to our regular worship services, Gospel Assembly Church offers various opportunities for spiritual enrichment and personal growth. We organize retreats, seminars, conferences, and workshops that focus on specific areas of faith development, such as prayer, discipleship, marriage and family, and personal finance management.

Our goal is to equip individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the complexities of life while remaining rooted in their faith. We believe that by empowering individuals to live out their faith authentically, we contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Getting Involved and Joining Our Community

If you are seeking a place where you can belong, grow, and make a positive impact, Gospel Assembly Church Bronx welcomes you with open arms. Join our vibrant community and experience the transformative power of faith, worship, and service.

Please visit our website, fccbronx.org, for more information about our synagogue, religious organization, and church, as well as details about our upcoming events, service times, and community outreach projects. We look forward to connecting with you and walking alongside you on your spiritual journey in the Bronx!


Gospel Assembly Church Bronx, also known as fccbronx.org, is a diverse and inclusive spiritual hub that serves as a synagogue, religious organization, and church in the Bronx, NY. We celebrate diversity and foster an inclusive faith community where individuals from various backgrounds can deepen their connection with God. Our commitment to social justice, community outreach, and spiritual growth makes us a vibrant and impactful presence in the Bronx area. Join us at Gospel Assembly Church to experience meaningful worship, nurturing faith, and opportunities for personal and collective transformation.