Welcome to FCC Bronx: The Kingsbridge Church in the Bronx

Nov 28, 2023

About FCC Bronx

FCC Bronx (First Community Church Bronx) is a prominent religious organization in Kingsbridge, Bronx that serves as a home for believers seeking spiritual growth, community engagement, and meaningful connections. With a rich history and a diverse congregation, FCC Bronx stands as a leading Kingsbridge Church known for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Mission

At FCC Bronx, our mission is to provide a place of worship and spiritual guidance for individuals and families within the Kingsbridge community. We strive to foster an environment that promotes love, compassion, and understanding among believers, where everyone can find solace, growth, and support.

Services and Activities

FCC Bronx offers a wide range of services and activities that cater to the diverse needs of our congregation. We conduct regular Sunday worship services with inspiring sermons, uplifting music, and a welcoming community. Our services incorporate engaging elements to encourage participation, reflection, and personal connection with the teachings of the Bible.

In addition to our worship services, we organize various events and programs throughout the year to facilitate spiritual growth, foster community engagement, and promote fellowship within our congregation. These include Bible studies, prayer groups, youth programs, and outreach initiatives aimed at giving back to the local community. We believe in the power of unity and strive to create a sense of belonging for all who join us.

Community Engagement

FCC Bronx understands the importance of community engagement and actively participates in initiatives that benefit the Kingsbridge neighborhood and its residents. We believe in making a positive impact beyond the walls of our church, by collaborating with local organizations, supporting social causes, and organizing community events.

Our involvement in community service projects ranges from helping those in need through partnerships with food banks and shelters, to organizing events that promote unity and foster relationships within the neighborhood. We are committed to being a resource and a force for good within Kingsbridge and the wider Bronx community.

How to Join FCC Bronx

If you're seeking a Kingsbridge Church in the Bronx where you can find spiritual guidance, build meaningful connections, and be part of a vibrant, inclusive community, FCC Bronx welcomes you with open arms. Joining our congregation is as simple as attending one of our Sunday worship services or reaching out to us through our website at fccbronx.org.

Whether you're new to the area, exploring your faith, or searching for a community that resonates with your beliefs, FCC Bronx offers a warm and supportive environment where you can embark on a fulfilling spiritual journey. Our doors are open to all, regardless of background or personal circumstances.


FCC Bronx is a leading Kingsbridge Church in the Bronx that stands out for its commitment to spiritual growth, community engagement, and fellowship. With a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, we provide a home for individuals and families seeking solace, guidance, and genuine connections. Join our congregation today and experience the uplifting and transformative power of faith at FCC Bronx.