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Dec 3, 2023


Welcome to Zion NYC, your premier destination for spiritual enlightenment and community engagement. As a non denominational church situated in the heart of Staten Island, we strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals seeking a deeper connection to their faith. Through our various religious services, community programs, and outreach initiatives, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and spread the message of love and compassion.

Our Mission

At Zion NYC, our mission is to create an environment that encourages personal growth, fosters acceptance, and promotes a sense of unity among individuals from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to helping you strengthen your spirituality, find solace in times of need, and discover your purpose in life.

Religious Services

Our non denominational church offers a range of religious services that cater to various spiritual needs. Whether you are seeking a traditional worship experience or a contemporary service filled with music and praise, we have something for everyone. Our dedicated team of clergy and volunteers are here to guide you in your spiritual journey and provide support along the way.

Sunday Worship

Join us every Sunday for our uplifting and inspiring worship service. Our dynamic sermons and engaging worship songs will uplift your spirit and invigorate your faith. Our church is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology that enhances your worship experience.

Midweek Bible Study

For those seeking a more intimate and interactive setting, our midweek Bible study provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible. Led by experienced clergy members, these sessions offer valuable insights and encourage open discussions about faith and spirituality.

Community Programs

At Zion NYC, we believe in making a positive impact beyond the walls of our church. We are actively involved in various community programs that are designed to address the needs of our local residents and promote social justice. Our programs include:

  • Youth Outreach: Engaging young individuals through mentorship, after-school programs, and recreational activities.
  • Homeless Support: Assisting the homeless population by providing meals, shelter, and access to essential resources.
  • Elderly Care: Supporting the elderly through companionship, healthcare assistance, and social events.

Upcoming Events

Stay connected with our church community by attending our exciting upcoming events. From conferences and workshops to concerts and community fairs, there's always something happening at Zion NYC. Join us for a day filled with joy, inspiration, and meaningful connections.

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Join Zion NYC Today

Experience the warmth and love of our non denominational church by joining us at Zion NYC. Whether you are searching for a spiritual home, seeking answers to life's questions, or simply looking to connect with like-minded individuals, our doors are always open. Our vibrant community is eager to welcome you with open arms and guide you on your spiritual journey. Let us come together to celebrate faith, cultivate friendships, and make a difference in the world.

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