Welcome to Zion NYC - Discover the Largest Protestant Church in NYC!

Dec 27, 2023


Zion NYC is a vibrant and diverse community that proudly serves as the largest Protestant church in New York City. Our mission is to provide a place of worship, spiritual growth, and community engagement for people from all walks of life.

Our Commitment to Faith

As a religious organization, Zion NYC is deeply committed to living out our faith by exemplifying love, compassion, and inclusivity. We believe that everyone is welcome and has a vital role to play in our community, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Engaging Worship Services

At Zion NYC, we offer engaging worship services where individuals and families can connect with God and find inspiration. Our Sunday services are led by passionate pastors who deliver powerful sermons that are both relevant and thought-provoking. We incorporate a blend of traditional and contemporary worship styles, creating an atmosphere that appeals to people of all ages.

The Power of Worship

Worship is at the core of our community's spiritual journey. It offers a space for reflection, gratitude, and connection with the divine. Whether you prefer hymns that resonate with centuries of tradition or contemporary music that speaks to the challenges of modern life, our worship services offer a transformative experience that will uplift your spirit and deepen your faith.

Engaging Sermons

Our dynamic and knowledgeable pastors deliver sermons that are rooted in biblical teachings and address relevant topics that impact our daily lives. They challenge us to think critically, encourage personal growth, and inspire positive action. With their guidance, you will develop a deeper understanding of your faith and experience spiritual growth.

Community Involvement and Outreach

Being an integral part of the New York City community, Zion NYC is deeply committed to outreach programs and engages in various initiatives to make a positive impact on people's lives. We believe in serving not only our congregation but also those in need within our neighborhood and beyond.

Community Events and Programs

As a community-focused church, we organize a wide range of events and programs that promote fellowship, provide support to individuals and families, and contribute to the well-being of our community. From social gatherings to educational workshops, you will find numerous opportunities to connect with others and nurture meaningful relationships.

Outreach Programs

Our outreach programs aim to serve and uplift those in need, regardless of their faith or background. We collaborate with local organizations and actively participate in initiatives such as food drives, clothing donations, and community clean-up projects. By volunteering with us, you can make a tangible difference and help create a brighter future for the less fortunate.

Building Stronger Families and Youth

Zion NYC recognizes the importance of building stronger families and providing a nurturing environment for our youth. We offer various programs that cater to the unique needs of families and young individuals, allowing them to grow in their faith and build lifelong connections.

Family Programs

Our family programs provide opportunities for parents and children to connect, learn, and grow together in faith. From parenting workshops to family-oriented events, we support and empower families to navigate life's challenges with resilience and love.

Youth Empowerment

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. At Zion NYC, we invest in our youth by offering engaging programs and mentorship opportunities that equip them with essential life skills, instill values, and nurture their spiritual growth. Through our youth programs, young individuals develop strong character and become influencers in their communities.


Zion NYC proudly stands as the largest Protestant church in New York City, offering a welcoming community, transformative worship services, impactful outreach programs, and empowering initiatives for families and youth. Join us on this incredible spiritual journey and discover the power of faith, fellowship, and service. We look forward to embracing you as part of our vibrant community at Zion NYC.

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