Dennis Wagers – Welcome to Grace Church - Erie PA

Jun 27, 2020

Welcome to Grace Church in Erie, PA, where Dennis Wagers plays a pivotal role in leading the community towards spiritual growth and fostering a sense of belonging. As a dedicated member of the Peace Church, he helps spread love, faith, and compassion among the congregation and beyond.

Discover the Peace Church Community

At Peace Church, we believe that faith is a powerful force that can transform lives and unite individuals in a shared purpose. Our community is built on the pillars of love, compassion, and inclusivity, creating a safe space for all who seek spiritual guidance and support.

Dennis Wagers, with his unwavering dedication and deep-rooted faith, has been leading Grace Church towards becoming a beacon of hope for the residents of Erie, PA. His passion for community development and spiritual nourishment has led to the implementation of various initiatives that positively impact the lives of countless individuals.

Building Bridges and Creating Connections

One of Dennis Wagers' notable accomplishments is his commitment to fostering interfaith dialogue and collaboration. He firmly believes in the power of unity and understanding among different religious beliefs. Through various interfaith events, Grace Church has created a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together, share experiences, and build bridges of understanding.

This commitment to unity is also reflected in the numerous community outreach programs initiated by Dennis Wagers. From organizing food drives to supporting local shelters, Grace Church actively engages with the wider Erie community, addressing the needs of the less fortunate and spreading a message of compassion.

Supporting Youth and Family Development

Recognizing the importance of nurturing the younger generation, Dennis Wagers places a strong emphasis on youth and family programs. Grace Church offers a wide range of activities, from youth camps to educational programs, designed to inspire young individuals to develop their faith and pursue their passions.

Through these programs, Dennis Wagers encourages the youth to embrace their uniqueness and utilize their talents to positively impact the world around them. By empowering young minds and instilling moral values, Grace Church plays an integral role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Exploring Faith and Spirituality

Grace Church serves as an open space for individuals to explore their faith and embark on a spiritual journey. Dennis Wagers, together with the dedicated team of clergy and volunteers, provides guidance and support to those seeking a deeper connection with their spirituality.

Through thought-provoking sermons, engaging discussions, and interactive workshops, Grace Church creates an environment that encourages individuals to reflect on their beliefs, question their purpose, and seek deeper understanding. Regardless of where individuals are in their spiritual journey, they will find a welcoming community at Grace Church.

Join Grace Church Today

Whether you are a long-time resident of Erie, PA, or a newcomer seeking a supportive community, Grace Church welcomes you with open arms. Experience the transformative power of faith, connect with like-minded individuals, and be part of a community that is making a difference in people's lives.

Contact Dennis Wagers and the Peace Church to learn more about the upcoming events, community initiatives, and opportunities to get involved. Begin your spiritual journey today and find solace, guidance, and companionship at Grace Church.


Dennis Wagers, an esteemed member of the Peace Church, leads Grace Church with unwavering dedication and a passion for community upliftment. Through initiatives focused on interfaith collaboration, community outreach, youth development, and spiritual growth, Dennis Wagers and the Grace Church community continue to make a positive impact in Erie, PA.

Join the Grace Church community and embark on a journey of faith, love, and service. Experience the transformative power of spirituality firsthand and discover a welcoming and inclusive space where you can grow, connect, and make a difference.