ELECTION 2012: A letter from Sr. Patty Chappell, SNDdeN

Aug 17, 2019

Welcome to Peace Church, where our faith and beliefs shape our understanding of the world around us. In this article, we are pleased to share a heartfelt letter from Sr. Patty Chappell, SNDdeN, the Executive Director of PCUSA. Sr. Patty reflects on the significance of the 2012 election, and how it impacts our community and society as a whole. Throughout this letter, Sr. Patty provides a unique perspective that intertwines the principles of faith and beliefs with the events of the election.

Understanding the Significance of the 2012 Election

The 2012 election held great importance for our nation. It was a time when citizens came together to exercise their rights and make a choice that would shape the future of our country. Sr. Patty's letter delves deep into the various issues at hand and the impact they have on our community and society.

The Power of Faith and Beliefs in the Election

As a community grounded in faith and beliefs, Peace Church recognizes the role that spirituality plays in shaping our understanding of important events. Sr. Patty acknowledges this connection and highlights the ways in which our beliefs can influence our decisions, both individually and as a collective.

Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

Sr. Patty beautifully captures the feelings of uncertainty and hope that often accompany elections. She offers insight into how our faith and beliefs can provide us with the strength and resilience needed to navigate these uncertain times. Through her words, Sr. Patty encourages us to find solace in our shared values and the teachings of our faith.

The Intersection of Politics and Faith

One of the most fascinating aspects of Sr. Patty's letter is its exploration of the intersection between politics and faith. She sheds light on how these two realms coexist and how they can inform one another. Sr. Patty's thought-provoking analysis inspires readers to think critically about the relationship between their political choices and their spiritual convictions.

Building Bridges and Fostering Unity

In a time of political division, Sr. Patty emphasizes the importance of building bridges and fostering unity. She reminds us of the power of compassion, love, and understanding in promoting healing and harmony within our community. Sr. Patty's insights serve as a reminder that even during times of disagreement, we can find common ground through our shared faith and beliefs.

A Reflective Journey

Through her letter, Sr. Patty takes us on a reflective journey, exploring the various emotions, challenges, and triumphs that come with any election. Her words evoke a sense of contemplation and introspection, prompting readers to consider their own beliefs, values, and aspirations.


ELECTION 2012: A letter from Sr. Patty Chappell, SNDdeN offers a deep and thoughtful perspective on the significance of the 2012 election. Sr. Patty's insights, rooted in faith and beliefs, provide readers with a unique understanding of how this event shapes our community and society. Peace Church invites you to join us on this enlightening journey as we navigate the intricate relationship between politics, faith, and the well-being of our nation. Let us come together, guided by love, compassion, and a shared commitment to a brighter future.

Kate Elshire
Thank you for sharing your insightful perspective, Sr. Patty Chappell.
Nov 8, 2023