EPIPHANY 2015: Reflection for Epiphany, January 4

May 27, 2023

Welcome to Peace Church, a place where our community comes together to explore and celebrate our faith and beliefs. Today, as we commemorate Epiphany and the journey of the Magi, we invite you to reflect on the significance of this special day in the liturgical calendar. Discover the profound meaning behind Epiphany and its relevance in our lives.

What is Epiphany?

Epiphany, also known as the Feast of Theophany or Three Kings' Day, is a Christian holiday celebrated on January 6th. It marks the manifestation of Jesus Christ to the world through the visit of the Magi or wise men. This event symbolizes the revelation of Jesus as the Savior to both the Jewish people and the Gentiles. Epiphany holds great significance in various Christian traditions and is celebrated with joy and reverence.

The Journey of the Magi

The story of the Magi, as described in the Gospel of Matthew, recounts the awe-inspiring journey of these wise men from the East. Guided by a guiding star, they traveled a long distance to find and worship the newborn Jesus. The Magi's journey is a testament to their faith and devotion, and it serves as an inspiration for us to seek the divine presence in our own lives.

The Significance of Epiphany

Epiphany holds a deep significance within the Christian faith and serves as a reminder of important theological themes. It signifies the revelation of Jesus Christ to the world, emphasizing his universal message of love, hope, and salvation. Epiphany celebrates the inclusivity of God's grace, extending it to all people, regardless of their background or status.

Furthermore, Epiphany reminds us of the ongoing journey of faith and the search for meaning in our lives. Just as the Magi followed the star and discovered the Messiah, we too are called to embark on our own spiritual journey, seeking God's presence and guidance. Epiphany challenges us to expand our understanding of faith, encouraging us to constantly seek wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

Celebrating Epiphany at Peace Church

At Peace Church, we embrace the spirit of Epiphany and invite our community to join us in reflection and celebration. On January 4th, we will gather for a special service dedicated to Epiphany. Together, we will explore the rich symbolism and profound teachings of this holy day. Our service will include inspiring hymns, meaningful prayers, and a thought-provoking sermon.

We believe that Epiphany is not merely limited to a single day but should be lived out in our daily lives. As a faith community, we encourage our members to embody the values of love, compassion, and justice, just as Christ did. Through various outreach programs, community engagements, and spiritual practices, we strive to make a positive impact on the world and spread the light of Epiphany to all.

Join Our Community

If you are seeking a place to deepen your faith, find belonging, and engage in meaningful conversations, we invite you to join our community at Peace Church. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their faith background. At Peace Church, you will discover a warm and inclusive environment where questions are encouraged, relationships are nurtured, and growth is embraced.

Come and join us this Epiphany as we gather to celebrate and reflect on the journey of the Magi and its relevance in our lives. Experience the power of community, worship, and spiritual exploration at Peace Church.


Epiphany, with its rich symbolism and profound teachings, reminds us of the universal message of Jesus Christ. It prompts us to embark on our own spiritual journey, seeking God's presence and wisdom. Our community at Peace Church welcomes you to join us in celebrating and reflecting on the significance of Epiphany on January 4th. Come and experience the joy and depth of faith as we explore the journey of the Magi and its relevance in our lives.

Michael Cady
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Nov 8, 2023