LENT 2016: Reflection for the Third Sunday of Lent, Feb. 28

Sep 16, 2020


Welcome to Peace Church, where we provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals seeking solace and spiritual guidance. On this page, we invite you to explore our powerful reflection for the third Sunday of Lent, Feb. 28. Our dedicated community is here to support you in your faith journey.

Understanding the Third Sunday of Lent

The third Sunday of Lent holds significant importance in the liturgical calendar. It marks the halfway point of this holy season of preparation and repentance, leading up to the Easter celebration. Lent is a time for self-reflection, penance, and spiritual growth.

Embracing Renewal and Transformation

As we progress through Lent, the third Sunday serves as a reminder to renew our commitment to our faith and embrace transformation. It's an opportunity to examine our lives, seeking areas where we can turn away from negativity and draw closer to God.

Self-Examination and Repentance

During this reflective period, we encourage you to engage in self-examination and repentance. It's a chance to acknowledge our shortcomings, seek forgiveness, and make amends. Through prayer and contemplation, we can start a journey of spiritual healing and growth.

Finding Strength in Community

At Peace Church, we firmly believe in the strength of our community. Our doors are open to all who seek solace and connection. We strive to create an inclusive space where individuals can build meaningful relationships, find support, and deepen their faith.

Coming Together in Worship

Join us on the third Sunday of Lent, Feb. 28, for our special worship service. Experience the power of coming together as a community, engaging in prayer, song, and reflection. Our dedicated clergy, along with our compassionate congregation, create an atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth and unity.

Fellowship and Service Opportunities

At Peace Church, we offer various fellowship and service opportunities for individuals to get involved. Engaging in acts of service not only strengthens our community bonds but also provides a profound sense of fulfillment. We encourage everyone to participate in activities that align with their interests and talents.

  1. Volunteer at local shelters or organizations
  2. Participate in community outreach programs
  3. Join Bible study groups for in-depth discussions
  4. Attend faith-based workshops and retreats

Embracing the Lenten Journey

Lent is a transformative season that encourages us to deepen our connection with God and our fellow human beings. As we reflect on the third Sunday of Lent, Feb. 28, let us commit ourselves to the following:

  • Cultivate a spirit of gratitude and appreciation
  • Practice acts of kindness and compassion
  • Seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness to others
  • Engage in regular prayer and meditation
  • Read and study scripture to gain wisdom
  • Attend worship services to find inspiration

Join Our Faith Community

If you're looking for a supportive faith community, we invite you to join Peace Church. Our doors are always open, and our members are ready to welcome you with open arms. We offer a wide range of programs and activities to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds grow in their faith.

Worship Services

Experience the transformative power of our worship services, where we gather to praise, reflect, and find solace in God's presence. Our services are crafted to inspire and uplift, leaving you with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

Education and Spiritual Enrichment

Join our educational programs designed to deepen your understanding of scripture, theology, and spiritual practices. From Bible studies to workshops, we provide opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful discussions and personal growth.

Community Outreach and Service

Make a difference in the lives of others by getting involved in our community outreach initiatives. Together, we can extend a helping hand to those in need and create a positive impact in our local community.


As we reflect on the third Sunday of Lent, Feb. 28, and its significance within our faith journey, let us find strength and guidance in our collective commitment to God. Peace Church welcomes you to explore the transformative power of this season and join our community dedicated to faith and beliefs.