“The Church must be political” – an interview with Bishop John Stowe OFM Conv

Dec 20, 2019

Welcome to Peace Church, your trusted source for insightful interviews and discussions on matters of faith and beliefs. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Bishop John Stowe OFM Conv as he delves into the intersection of faith, politics, and the vital role of the Church in society. Join us as we explore his profound insights and perspectives on important social issues.

The Importance of Faith and Politics

When discussing the relationship between faith and politics, Bishop John Stowe emphasizes the crucial role that the Church plays in the political landscape. He believes that the Church must not shy away from engaging in political matters, but rather, embrace its responsibility to influence and advocate for justice, equality, and the common good.

Bishop Stowe reminds us that throughout history, the Church has been at the forefront of political and social change. From the civil rights movement to the fight against systemic injustice, religious leaders have continually driven transformation rooted in compassion and love.

Challenges and Opportunities

In today's complex and ever-changing world, Bishop Stowe acknowledges the challenges faced by the Church when navigating political issues. He highlights the importance of maintaining a delicate balance – leveraging the Church's moral teachings and ethical principles, while respecting the diversity of opinions and beliefs within the community.

Furthermore, Bishop Stowe recognizes the immense opportunities for the Church to make a positive impact on society through political engagement. By actively participating in public discourse and policymaking, the Church can contribute to the creation of a more just, inclusive, and compassionate world.

Addressing Social Issues

During our conversation, Bishop John Stowe touches upon various pressing social issues and shares his thoughts on how the Church can play a transformative role in addressing them.

1. Environmental Stewardship

Bishop Stowe expresses deep concern for our planet and urges the Church to take a proactive stance in caring for the environment. He believes that protecting and preserving God's creation is not only a moral obligation but also an act of justice towards future generations.

By advocating for sustainable practices, promoting eco-conscious lifestyles, and supporting policies that prioritize environmental protection, the Church can lead the way in fostering a sustainable future.

2. Social Justice and Human Rights

Bishop Stowe emphasizes the Church's responsibility to champion social justice and uphold the inherent dignity and rights of every individual. He believes that genuine love and compassion should guide our actions, particularly in advocating for marginalized and oppressed communities.

Through education, activism, and community outreach, the Church can actively address issues such as poverty, discrimination, and inequality, ultimately working towards a more just and inclusive society.

3. Migration and Refugee Crisis

Bishop Stowe draws attention to the global migration and refugee crisis, urging the Church and its members to offer compassion, support, and refuge to those seeking safety and a better life. He highlights the importance of welcoming the stranger and standing in solidarity with those fleeing from violence, persecution, and poverty.

By advocating for just immigration policies, providing resources to immigrant communities, and fostering awareness and empathy, the Church can create a more compassionate and inclusive response to this pressing humanitarian issue.

The Church as a Catalyst for Change

Bishop John Stowe passionately believes that the Church has the power to be a catalyst for positive change. He encourages all people of faith to actively engage in the political sphere, leveraging their beliefs, values, and convictions to shape a more compassionate, just, and inclusive world.

Finally, Bishop Stowe reminds us that the Church must be guided by humility, openness to dialogue, and a collective commitment to love in all its forms. By embracing and living out these principles, the Church can fulfill its calling to be a powerful force for good in our society.

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Khalid Sidiqi
Wow, what an interesting interview! 🤩 Bishop John Stowe OFM Conv truly sheds light on the crucial role the Church plays in our society and how faith and politics intersect. It's inspiring to see someone promoting important social issues through their beliefs. 🙌 Let's continue to engage in meaningful discussions and encourage the Church to be actively involved in shaping our world for the better! 💪
Nov 11, 2023