Die Frieden Kirche 
Die Friden Kirche or Peace Church was built in 1798 by a group of Reform German Farmers who worshipped in their homes. 
Historic Peace Church had its beginnings in 1793 when the German farmers in the area formed a congregation. By 1798 enough money had been contributed to build a church which was completed and dedicated on May 19, 1799. Membership was mostly German Reformed. In 1806 an agreement was made with the German Lutheran Church, formerly at Poplar Grove, to share ownership and worship on alternate Sundays, and they did so until the 1860’s.

In 1807, members of both congregations joined to purchase an organ built for them by Conrad Doll. It is believed to be the first organ instrument of its kind in Cumberland County.   

The church is a beautiful, simple house of worship in the Georgian style of architecture. Inside, a wine-glass pulpit rises over nine feet high. The rough pews on the main floor and in the balcony all face the pulpit.

The church was used until 1865 at which time a new church was built across the road. The church was acquired in 1969 by the Commonwealth of PA. Then in 1972, a newly organized volunteer group known as The Friends of Peace Church began to operate the church for the benefit of the general public.

Today, it is a historical site that is open for weddings and special services. 
Centrally located and beautifully maintained, it is the ideal settting for a storybook wedding. 
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