The church furniture may not be moved at any time.  Furniture cannot be taken outside of the church nor shall any furniture be brought into the church. 


Windows may be open and closed by the Site Manager only.


The 2 small caned chairs and the pulpit are for exhibit only and may not be used.


Please do not stand on the pews.


A stand to hold a guest book is available for your use.  If you wish it covered you must provide your own cloth.  The table is 17 ½ inches square.  It is best used outside the front door (weather permitting) so there is less congestion in the church.   If the weather is not permissible, we suggest you have it at the reception.  It creates a lot of congestion at the entrance of the church.




Table Top = 33” x 49” 


Palladian Window Sills – 19”x 65”                                              


Window Sills – 18” x 47” 


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