If you have not received the time and date for your rehearsal, please call our wedding coordinator and reserve your date and time. 


The time allotted for your rehearsal is one hour.  Since we schedule rehearsals back-to-back it is essential that you arrive on time.


Your clergy is responsible for your rehearsal and your ceremony.  The Site Manager will be on hand to answer any questions, inform you of the museum regulations and to help you with any problems that may occur.



Wedding Day 


In the years since  Historic  Peace Church has become available for public use, an efficient and dignified wedding format has evolved. While certainly not mandatory, this format is presented to reduce the time spent in experimentation.


The men of the wedding party arrive before the guests – one hour ahead of the scheduled event.  The groom and the best man ascend to the gallery to await the ceremony.  The ushers seat the guests.  The clergy escorts the parents, the bride and the attendants from the gift shop to their place at the front door of the church.  The clergy then escorts the ushers up to the gallery where they wait for the procession to begin.  The parents are then seated.  The men come down the stairs with the clergy and take their places and the bridal procession begins.


In bad weather the bride may choose to get dressed in the gallery and have the bridal procession enter the church down the stairs on the opposite side of the church as the groom.


There is no air-conditioning inside the church.    The church is heated by base board electric heat.    It is not well insulated and we suggest you dress warmly if it is cold.


Receiving Line 


Because of the time involved in taking pictures, you may want to schedule the receiving line at the reception.  Remember that you are allowed one hour before your scheduled ceremony and one hour after – a total of two hours.


Since we often have more than one wedding scheduled, we do adhere strictly to these times.


If you want a receiving line, it is best to form it along the walk between the church and the gift shop.  Once the line has formed the ushers should direct all guests to the reception so you can take photos as quickly as possible.


If you are not having a receiving line, you may want to ask your clergy to announce to your guests that there will not be one and that they are to proceed directly to the reception. Some brides put a note in their programs that state it.


The throwing of rice, confetti, bird seed and/or petals is not permitted. 


You may use bells, bubbles or butterflies.


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