CARE FOR CREATION: Why Bill McKibben is the new Noah

Oct 16, 2021

Introduction to Environmental Stewardship

Welcome to Peace Church's page dedicated to environmental stewardship and the remarkable work of Bill McKibben. In today's era, where climate change and ecological degradation pose significant threats to our planet, it is crucial to recognize individuals like McKibben who show unwavering dedication in the fight to protect our environment. This page aims to shed light on why Bill McKibben can be likened to Noah, an important figure from the Bible known for his commitment to preserving life through the Great Flood.

Understanding the Parallels

Bill McKibben, a renowned environmentalist, writer, and founder of, has been at the forefront of the climate change movement for decades. Like Noah, McKibben has recognized the urgent need for action in the face of a crisis that threatens the well-being of all living beings on Earth. By drawing parallels between McKibben and Noah, we can better understand the significance of their roles in safeguarding creation.

The Ark of Climate Activism

Just as Noah built an ark to protect and preserve life during the Great Flood, Bill McKibben has created a metaphorical ark of climate activism. McKibben's mission is centered around raising awareness, advocating for climate justice, and inspiring grassroots movements aimed at combating the devastating effects of climate change. His tireless efforts have rallied people worldwide to take action, much like how Noah's ark brought together various species to ensure their survival.

The Power of Unity

Unity played a pivotal role in Noah's story and continues to be an essential component in addressing the global environmental crisis. Bill McKibben, through his writings, speeches, and organizing capabilities, has fostered a sense of unity among diverse communities, faith groups, and individuals who share a common goal of environmental preservation. This unity is similar to the gathering of animals in Noah's ark, showcasing the strength that can be achieved when people come together for a greater cause.

Environmental Activism and Faith

The connection between environmental activism and faith is a crucial aspect of both Noah's story and Bill McKibben's work. Just as Noah's faith in God's command prompted his actions, McKibben's faith in the power of collective action and the urgency of protecting the Earth drives his environmental activism. This intersection of faith and environmental stewardship is a powerful message that highlights the shared responsibility we have in caring for creation.

Inspiring Future Generations

Noah's story is a timeless tale of resilience, determination, and hope. Bill McKibben, too, serves as an inspiration for future generations. His unwavering commitment and passion have brought environmental issues to the forefront of public consciousness, paving the way for a sustainable and brighter future. By educating young minds about the importance of environmental stewardship and highlighting McKibben's work, we can continue to inspire future leaders who will carry the torch of change.

Celebrating Environmental Stewards

Peace Church is proud to celebrate the work of environmental stewards like Bill McKibben. Through this page, we seek to honor their dedication, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire action within our community and beyond. By supporting environmental initiatives and engaging in sustainable practices, we can all play a part in safeguarding our planet for generations to come.


In conclusion, the parallels between Bill McKibben and Noah highlight the significance of their roles in caring for creation. Just as Noah acted as a guardian of life during the Great Flood, McKibben's work serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the face of the ongoing ecological crisis. Let us remember their stories, learn from their examples, and take responsibility for the protection and preservation of our planet. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a sustainable future for all.