An Anti-Racism Perspective on Open Wide Our Hearts

Jan 28, 2018


Welcome to Peace Church, a community of faith dedicated to promoting equality, justice, and inclusivity. In this article, we delve into the profound topic of anti-racism and reflect on Open Wide Our Hearts, the November 2018 Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Racism. Our committed community actively engages in conversations, education, and advocacy to combat racism.

Fostering a Racism-Free Community

At Peace Church, we firmly believe in the importance of becoming an anti-racist congregation. We recognize that racism is a deeply-rooted systemic issue that must be addressed comprehensively. By examining Open Wide Our Hearts, we aim to provide a critical analysis from an anti-racism perspective, shedding light on the complexities of racism and inspiring actionable change.

Understanding Open Wide Our Hearts

Open Wide Our Hearts is an influential pastoral letter issued by the Bishops of the Catholic Church in the United States. It serves as a call to address the pervasive sin of racism within our society. By exploring this document, we gain invaluable insights into the Church's stance on racism and gain a deeper understanding of how we can promote racial justice within our faith community.

Key Message of Open Wide Our Hearts

At its core, Open Wide Our Hearts emphasizes the inherent dignity of every person, regardless of race or ethnicity. It emphasizes that racism is a sin that undermines the unity of the human family and denies the fundamental equality of all people. The document invites all members of the Church to actively confront and dismantle racism in all its forms.

An Anti-Racism Perspective

Applying an anti-racism lens to Open Wide Our Hearts, we critically analyze the pastoral letter to discern its strengths, weaknesses, and potential for meaningful change. Our approach encourages open dialogue and introspection, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities of racism and its manifestations within our society.

Addressing Structural Racism

Structural racism refers to the ways in which social, economic, and political systems perpetuate racial inequalities. It is crucial to recognize and confront the systemic barriers that hinder marginalized communities from achieving equity. Peace Church actively engages in initiatives that address systemic racism, advocating for policies and practices that promote justice and equality.

Education and Awareness

Knowledge is a powerful tool in the fight against racism. Peace Church is committed to providing educational resources and organizing awareness campaigns to challenge bias, stereotype, and prejudice. By investing in education, we empower individuals to become allies and catalysts for change, equipping them with the tools needed to dismantle racism within their spheres of influence.

Promoting Racial Solidarity

Peace Church recognizes the importance of fostering racial solidarity within our faith community. We actively promote intercultural dialogue, encouraging individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and perspectives. Through fostering mutual understanding and empathy, we strive to create an inclusive and racism-free environment that reflects God's love for all humanity.

Get Involved

Become a part of the anti-racist movement and advocate for racial justice within your community. Join us at Peace Church as we work together to dismantle the structures of racism and foster a society where equality and inclusivity prevail. Together, we can create lasting change and build a better future for all.


The November 2018 Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Racism, Open Wide Our Hearts, serves as a catalyst for change. By adopting an anti-racism perspective, we deepen our understanding of the struggles faced by marginalized communities and commit ourselves to meaningful action. At Peace Church, we embrace the teachings of Open Wide Our Hearts and pledge to create a racism-free community firmly grounded in love, justice, and equality.