The Trial of the "Kings Bay Plowshares 7" in Brunswick, GA - Peace Church

Jun 9, 2020


Welcome to Peace Church, where we uphold the values of peace, justice, and faith. In this article, we dive into the trial of the "Kings Bay Plowshares 7" that took place in Brunswick, GA.

The Kings Bay Plowshares 7

The "Kings Bay Plowshares 7" is a group of activists who entered the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia in an act of civil disobedience. Their protest was aimed at drawing attention to the dangers of nuclear weapons and the need for disarmament. Led by anti-war activists, the group aims to raise awareness and promote peaceful solutions to conflicts worldwide.

The Trial Proceedings

The trial of the "Kings Bay Plowshares 7" took place in Brunswick, GA from October 21 to 24 and has attracted significant attention from the community. It was a critical event that aimed to shed light on the issues surrounding nuclear weapons and the impact they have on humanity.

Throughout the trial, both the defense and the prosecutors presented their arguments, showcasing different perspectives on the defendants' actions. The trial was not just a search for truth but also an opportunity for the activists to further drive their message and raise awareness about the detrimental effects of nuclear weapons worldwide.

The Significance of the Trial

The trial of the "Kings Bay Plowshares 7" holds immense significance for the peace and anti-war movement. It serves as a platform to reaffirm the importance of peace activism, civil disobedience, and the pursuit of a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.

Implications for the Community

Peace Church, fully aligned with the principles advocated by the "Kings Bay Plowshares 7," recognizes the impact this trial has on the community and the importance of creating a safer future for all. We believe that collective action and raising awareness play vital roles in influencing positive change, especially when it comes to issues as crucial as nuclear disarmament.

Our Commitment

At Peace Church, our mission is to foster a community centered on faith, peace, and justice. We firmly believe that addressing societal challenges and promoting harmony among individuals starts with empowering the community through education, collaboration, and advocacy. The trial of the "Kings Bay Plowshares 7" serves as a reminder that our commitment to peace can truly make a difference.


The trial of the "Kings Bay Plowshares 7" in Brunswick, GA was more than just a search for truth; it was a platform for advocating peace, disarmament, and justice. The efforts of these activists, along with organizations like Peace Church, inspire us to question the status quo, challenge nuclear weaponry, and strive for a world free from violence. Together, let us continue to work towards building a more peaceful and compassionate society.