A Prayer for This Election Season

Mar 27, 2018


Welcome to Peace Church, a sanctuary of faith and beliefs rooted in our community. In this trying election season, we offer you a heartfelt prayer that aims to bring solace, guidance, and hope in these challenging times. Through our collective strengths and beliefs, let us find comfort and foster unity.

Understanding the Importance of This Election

The election season brings about a momentous time for our community and society at large. It is a time when our collective voice is heard, where decisions shaping our future are made. At Peace Church, we understand the significance of this juncture, and we embrace the opportunity to come together in prayer.

Prayer: A Guiding Light

Prayer serves as a guiding light in times of uncertainty. It connects us to a higher power, providing comfort, strength, and wisdom. As we navigate through the complexity of this election season, let us find solace in prayer, knowing that we are not alone.

A Prayer for Unity

Dear Heavenly Father,

On this day, we come before you with humble hearts, seeking guidance, unity, and understanding during this election season. We acknowledge the diversity of opinions within our community and recognize the challenges that arise from such differences. Yet, we also acknowledge that we are all children of God, connected in a profound and unbreakable bond.

Grant us the wisdom to approach these discussions and debates with compassion, empathy, and respect. Help us to listen to one another, seeking to understand before being understood. Open our hearts and minds to bridge the divides that separate us and bring us closer as a community.

A Prayer for Discernment

Oh, Lord, as we contemplate the choices set before us in this election, we pray for discernment. Enable us to see beyond political affiliations and partisan rhetoric. Grant us the ability to discern truth from falsehoods, to recognize the values and principles that align with peace, justice, and equality for all. May our decisions be guided by integrity, love, and the greater good for our society.

A Prayer for Leaders

Heavenly Father, as we cast our votes and entrust our future to those who lead, we pray for our elected officials and all those who hold positions of power and influence. Grant them the wisdom, humility, and courage to make decisions that uplift and serve our community faithfully.

May they be guided by justice, fairness, and the desire to create a world where all voices are heard and valued. Strengthen their resolve to act with compassion, seeking solutions that promote the well-being of every individual and the collective society.

A Prayer for Peace

Lord, in the midst of heated debates and divisive rhetoric, we pray for peace to abound. May your divine presence fill our hearts and minds, transforming anger into understanding, hatred into love, and division into unity.

Grant us the strength to resist the temptations of animosity and instead, choose forgiveness, empathy, and reconciliation. Guide us to build bridges where there are walls, fostering understanding and harmony in our community.


As we face this election season, let our prayers be a source of solace, guidance, and hope. Let us remember that our true strength lies in our unity, in our ability to come together as a community and support one another.

At Peace Church, we stand firm in our commitment to foster understanding, compassion, and respect. Together, let us pray for a future that embraces peace, justice, and equality for all.