Pax Christi Rhode Island Celebrates the TPNW: Looks for Help to Fund Nuclear Disarmament Messaging Campaign

Sep 1, 2018

About Pax Christi Rhode Island

Welcome to the official page of Pax Christi Rhode Island, a community-driven organization dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and nuclear disarmament. As a branch of the international Catholic peace movement, Pax Christi International, we strive to create a world free from the threats of nuclear weapons. Our mission is to raise awareness and engage individuals and communities in advocating for disarmament initiatives.

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), also known as the Nuclear Ban Treaty, is an international legal agreement aimed at achieving a world without nuclear weapons. It was adopted in July 2017 and came into force on January 22, 2021. The TPNW prohibits the development, testing, production, stockpiling, transfer, stationing, and use of nuclear weapons, as well as assistance or encouragement of these activities.

Celebrating the TPNW in Rhode Island

Here at Pax Christi Rhode Island, we are thrilled to celebrate the entry into force of the TPNW. This milestone brings us one step closer to a nuclear-free world, and it is crucial to recognize and support this significant achievement. We are organizing various events and initiatives to mark this occasion and raise awareness of the importance of nuclear disarmament for our global community.

Funding the Nuclear Disarmament Messaging Campaign

To effectively spread the message of nuclear disarmament and engage a wider audience, we are launching a comprehensive messaging campaign. However, organizing such an extensive campaign requires financial support. We are actively seeking assistance from individuals, organizations, and businesses who share our vision of a peaceful world. Your contributions can make a substantial impact in funding this vital campaign and raising awareness.

Ways You Can Help

1. Donation:

Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a difference. Your financial contributions will directly support the nuclear disarmament messaging campaign and help us reach more people with our message of peace and nonviolence. Visit our donation page on the Peace Church website to contribute securely online.

2. Volunteer:

If you are passionate about nuclear disarmament and want to actively contribute to our cause, consider becoming a volunteer. We welcome individuals with diverse skills and talents who can assist in organizing events, spreading awareness, and supporting our initiatives. Contact us through the Peace Church website to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

3. Spread the Word:

Help us amplify our message by spreading the word about our nuclear disarmament campaign. Share our content on social media platforms, engage in conversations about the importance of peace and disarmament, and encourage others to get involved. Your voice matters, and by raising awareness, we can build a stronger movement towards a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.

Join Us in Creating a Peaceful World

Pax Christi Rhode Island invites you to join us in our commitment to nuclear disarmament and the pursuit of peace. Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure a safer future for generations to come. Visit the Peace Church website to learn more about our initiatives, upcoming events, and how you can contribute to this significant cause. Let's stand united for a world free from nuclear weapons!

Brandy Balliet
💪 Together for nuclear disarmament!
Nov 8, 2023