Catholic Voices Confronting Violence with the Power of Active Nonviolence - A Global Series of Roundtable Webinars

Oct 6, 2019

About Peace Church

Welcome to Peace Church, a vibrant community dedicated to fostering peace, love, and understanding in today's world. Our vision is to create a more compassionate society, guided by the principles of faith, beliefs, and active nonviolence. One of our initiatives is the global series of roundtable webinars that bring together Catholic voices from around the world in an effort to confront violence and promote peace through nonviolent means.

Understanding the Power of Active Nonviolence

At Peace Church, we firmly believe in the power of nonviolence to transform conflicts, promote justice, and create lasting peace. Our webinars offer a unique opportunity to explore the depths of active nonviolence and its relevance in addressing various forms of violence prevalent in our society today.

Exploring the Catholic Perspective on Nonviolence

As a Catholic organization, we recognize the rich tradition of nonviolence within our faith. Our webinars provide a platform for Catholic voices to delve into the theological foundations of nonviolence, drawing from scripture, social teachings, and the lived experiences of individuals working for peace. By engaging in thoughtful discussions, we aim to expand our collective understanding of nonviolence, its principles, and its application in real-world contexts.

Building a Global Community

Peace Church's series of roundtable webinars foster connections and forge partnerships with individuals, organizations, and communities from different cultural, social, and religious backgrounds. By opening the dialogue on confronting violence with the power of active nonviolence, we strive to build a global community dedicated to peacebuilding, justice, and reconciliation.

Topics Covered in the Webinars

Our webinar series covers a wide range of topics related to nonviolence and its practical implementation in various spheres of life. Some of the key themes explored include:

  • Nonviolent Resistance: Understanding the philosophy, strategy, and tactics of nonviolent resistance movements.
  • Faith and Peacemaking: Exploring the intersections of faith, spirituality, and promoting peace.
  • Social Justice: Examining the role of nonviolence in addressing social, economic, and political injustices.
  • Peace Education: Highlighting the importance of peace education in fostering a culture of nonviolence.
  • Community Engagement: Showcasing inspiring examples of individuals and communities actively working towards peace and justice.

Join Our Webinar Series

We invite you to join our global series of roundtable webinars and be part of the conversation on confronting violence with the power of active nonviolence. By participating in these webinars, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from Experts: Engage with renowned theologians, practitioners, and activists in the field of nonviolence.
  • Gain Insights: Acquire a deeper understanding of nonviolent principles and their practical applications.
  • Connect with Like-Minded Individuals: Network with individuals and organizations committed to peace and nonviolence.
  • Share Experiences: Contribute your experiences, perspectives, and success stories to enrich the collective knowledge on nonviolence.

Get Involved with Peace Church

At Peace Church, we believe that every individual has the power to make a positive impact in the world. We invite you to join us in our mission of promoting peace and active nonviolence by:

  • Participating in Webinars: Sign up for our upcoming webinars and actively engage in the discussions on confronting violence through active nonviolence.
  • Becoming a Volunteer: Contribute your time and skills to support our initiatives, whether it's event planning, social media outreach, or content creation for our website.
  • Donating: Help us sustain and expand our efforts towards peacebuilding by making a financial contribution to Peace Church.
  • Spreading the Word: Share our webinars, events, and resources with your network to raise awareness about the power of active nonviolence in confronting violence and fostering peace.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved, please feel free to reach out to us. We value your input and look forward to connecting with you!

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Rob Gibson
This webinar series seems like a great opportunity to expand my understanding of nonviolence. Looking forward to hearing different perspectives and working towards a more peaceful world together.
Nov 11, 2023
Kelly White
I'm excited to join this global series of webinars and learn from diverse Catholic voices promoting active nonviolence. Let's work towards a more peaceful world!
Nov 8, 2023