Mass for a Priest's Anniversary

Jul 11, 2020

About the Celebration

At Peace Church, we believe in honoring and celebrating our dedicated priests who have served our community with unwavering commitment and guidance. The Mass for a Priest's Anniversary is a special occasion where we gather as a community to express our gratitude, appreciation, and love for our priests.

Recognizing Service and Dedication

The Mass for a Priest's Anniversary is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the significant milestones in our beloved priests' lives. Whether it's their ordination anniversary or their service anniversary at Peace Church, this celebration holds great meaning for both the priests and our community.

A Community Celebration

As believers united in faith, we come together to celebrate the remarkable journey of our priests. It is a time to reflect on the indispensable role they play in supporting and nurturing our spiritual growth. The Mass for a Priest's Anniversary emphasizes the importance of community bonds rooted in faith and gratitude.

Why Attend

Attending the Mass for a Priest's Anniversary allows us to demonstrate our deep appreciation for the transformative impact our priests have in our lives. It provides an opportunity to show solidarity in our faith journey and to let our priests know that their service is cherished and valued.

Details of the Celebration

Date and Time

The Mass for a Priest's Anniversary is held on a specific date each year, typically corresponding to the priest's ordination or service anniversary. The exact time and date will be communicated through our church announcements, newsletters, and website.


The celebration takes place at Peace Church, our sacred space for worship and community gatherings. Located at [insert location/address], our church provides a serene environment to pay tribute to our priests.

How to Participate

All members of our community, as well as visitors who share a reverence for our priests' contributions, are welcome to attend the Mass for a Priest's Anniversary. There are no specific requirements or registrations needed. Just join us and be a part of this meaningful celebration.


The Mass for a Priest's Anniversary at Peace Church is a joyous occasion where we come together as a close-knit community to express our gratitude, honor, and admiration for our priests. It is a celebration filled with heartfelt prayers, hymns, and messages of appreciation. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journeys of our priests and thank them for their unwavering dedication and service to our faith community.

Neaz Arefin
Thank you, our beloved priests!
Nov 8, 2023