Fr. John Pfannenstiel, OFM Cap. - Our Director

May 7, 2018

Introduction to Fr. John Pfannenstiel, OFM Cap.

Welcome to Peace Church, a vibrant community rooted in faith and beliefs. We are proud to introduce our esteemed director, Fr. John Pfannenstiel, OFM Cap. With his unwavering dedication to serving others and his profound spiritual guidance, Fr. John plays a pivotal role in shaping the essence of our congregation.

Background and Education

Fr. John Pfannenstiel, OFM Cap., brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the leadership of Peace Church. He completed his theological studies at the renowned Capuchin College in Washington, D.C., where he was mentored by esteemed theologians and scholars. Fr. John's thirst for knowledge and passion for faith led him to pursue a Master of Divinity degree with a focus on pastoral ministry.

Throughout his educational journey, Fr. John dedicated himself to deepening his understanding of scripture, ethics, and pastoral care. His empathetic nature, combined with his excellent academic performance, earned him numerous accolades and recognition within the faith community.

Ministry and Contributions

Fr. John's ministry extends far beyond the walls of the church. His compassion for the community and commitment to the teachings of Christ have led him to initiate various outreach programs and partnerships with local organizations. Through these initiatives, Fr. John addresses social justice issues, provides support to those in need, and promotes inclusivity.

Under Fr. John's guidance, Peace Church has grown into a center of compassion, fostering an environment of acceptance and warmth for anyone seeking solace and spiritual growth. His steadfast dedication to nurturing the faith of our congregation has resulted in a vibrant and interconnected community, united by the core values of love, service, and faith.

Accomplishments and Recognitions

Fr. John's tireless efforts and exceptional leadership have not gone unnoticed. His charismatic presence and ability to inspire others have earned him numerous accolades, including being appointed to serve on various interfaith committees and advisory boards. Fr. John's vast experience in pastoral care and his passion for social justice have positioned him as a sought-after speaker and educator in both local and national events.

Moreover, Fr. John has written several publications exploring topics related to spirituality, social ethics, and the role of faith in modern society. His thought-provoking articles and books continue to inspire individuals to deepen their spiritual journey and engage in meaningful conversations about faith and beliefs.


In summary, Fr. John Pfannenstiel, OFM Cap., is an exceptional director who has dedicated his life to serving the community at Peace Church. His extensive theological knowledge, compassionate heart, and commitment to social justice have helped shape our congregation into a welcoming and spiritually uplifting place for all. Fr. John's impact reaches far beyond our community, as he continues to inspire and educate others on the profound power of faith and love.

Bob McManus
👏 Welcome to Peace Church! We are blessed to have 🙏 Fr. John Pfannenstiel, OFM Cap., as our director. His guidance is invaluable!
Nov 9, 2023