Enroll Your Family with the Peace Church

Apr 19, 2019

Join Our Peaceful Community

Welcome to Peace Church, a place where faith, beliefs, and community come together in perfect harmony. If you are seeking a welcoming environment where you can strengthen your spiritual connection, we invite you to consider our Family Padded Enrollment Folder.

What is the Family Padded Enrollment Folder?

The Family Padded Enrollment Folder is a unique offering from Peace Church that allows you to enroll your entire family in our community through a special Mass request. It provides a meaningful and personal way to connect with our church, deepen your faith, and experience the serenity and joy that comes with being part of a devoted community.

Why Choose the Family Padded Enrollment Folder?

By choosing our Family Padded Enrollment Folder, you are not only joining a community but also ensuring continued prayers and spiritual support for your family. This enrollment option is specifically designed to create a lasting bond between your loved ones and our church. Here are some key reasons to opt for this unique opportunity:

  • Connection: Our Family Padded Enrollment Folder enables your family to form deep connections with other members of the Peace Church community. It provides a sense of belonging and support that extends beyond the Mass.
  • Spiritual Growth: Through regular Masses and access to various spiritual resources, your family can embark on a journey of continuous spiritual growth. Peace Church offers guidance, wisdom, and teachings that will help you navigate life's challenges with strength and compassion.
  • Customization: We understand that each family has unique needs and preferences. The Family Padded Enrollment Folder allows you to customize your Mass requests and choose specific intentions, ensuring that your family's spiritual needs are met.
  • Continuity: With the Family Padded Enrollment Folder, you can establish an ongoing relationship with Peace Church. Our dedicated team remains committed to supporting your family's spiritual journey even beyond the Mass requests.
  • Peace and Comfort: Life can be overwhelming at times, but by enrolling in the Peace Church community, your family can find solace and tranquility. Our church serves as a safe haven, offering guidance, comfort, and prayers during both joyful and challenging moments.

How to Request a Family Padded Enrollment Folder

Requesting a Family Padded Enrollment Folder is simple and hassle-free. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Visit our Website: Head over to our website, historicpeacechurch.org.
  2. Navigate to Enrollment: Find the "Request A Mass" section on our website and click on "Perpetual Mass Enrollment."
  3. Select the Family Padded Option: Explore the enrollment options available and choose the Family Padded Enrollment Folder that resonates with you.
  4. Complete the Form: Fill out the required details in the enrollment form. This will help us personalize your experience and cater to your family's specific needs.
  5. Submit and Await Confirmation: Once you submit the form, our team will process your request and get back to you with a confirmation. You can also expect additional information regarding your family's inclusion in our prayers and Masses.

Embrace the Peace Church Difference

Peace Church is more than just a place of worship; it is a vibrant and inclusive community that welcomes families from all walks of life. By enrolling your family with us through the Family Padded Enrollment Folder, you are embarking on a journey of faith, love, and spiritual growth.

Experience the peace and support that come from being part of our devoted community. Join Peace Church today and witness the positive impact it can have on your family's life.

David Franke
This enrollment folder is exactly what my family needs! 🙌 Excited to join Peace Church!
Nov 11, 2023