Advent 2022 - Embracing the Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace

Feb 8, 2019


Welcome to Peace Church, a haven for individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment and a sense of community belonging. At Peace Church, we celebrate a wide range of events and occasions that shape our faith and beliefs, and one such significant observance is Advent 2022.

What is Advent?

Advent is the period of anticipation and preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. It symbolizes the transition from darkness to light, as we await the arrival of the Messiah, who brings hope, joy, love, and peace into our lives. Advent spans four weeks, starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and culminates in the joyous celebration of Christ's birth.

Celebrating Advent at Peace Church

At Peace Church, we recognize the significance of Advent and craft a series of transformative experiences to guide our community through this spiritual journey. Our events and services are thoughtfully designed to inspire reflection, foster togetherness, and deepen our connection with God. Here's what you can expect during Advent 2022:

Sunday Worship Services

Each Sunday during Advent, our worship services are filled with solemnity and reverence. Our dedicated clergy deliver powerful sermons, centering around themes such as hope, peace, joy, and love. These sermons provoke contemplation and provide guidance on how to internalize these values in our everyday lives.

Advent Devotional Programs

As part of our commitment to spiritual growth, we offer Advent devotional programs that encourage personal reflection and meditation. These programs provide various resources, such as daily readings, prayers, and suggested practices, aimed at nurturing your relationship with God and enhancing your understanding of Advent's significance.

Community Outreach and Volunteering

Advent is a time for reaching out to others and spreading goodwill. At Peace Church, we embody the spirit of giving by organizing community outreach initiatives and volunteering opportunities. Engaging in acts of service not only benefits those in need but also fills our hearts with compassion and brings us closer to the true essence of Advent.

Advent Music and Choir Performances

Music has the power to touch our souls and evoke emotions that words often fail to express. During Advent, our talented choir and musicians present stirring performances that amplify the enchanting atmosphere surrounding the season. Join us for melodious hymns, choral arrangements, and instrumental renditions that uplift the spirit and enrich our worship experience.

Advent Wreath Lighting Ceremony

One of the most cherished traditions during Advent is the lighting of the Advent wreath. This symbolic act represents the increasing light and hope with each passing week. At Peace Church, we gather for a beautiful wreath lighting ceremony, where individuals from the congregation participate in illuminating the candles while reflecting on the profound meaning behind this captivating ritual.

Children and Youth Activities

Advent is a time of wonder and awe, treasured particularly by children and youth. We organize age-appropriate activities that engage younger members of our community in meaningful ways. From nativity plays and craft workshops to storytelling sessions and Advent-themed games, we ensure that children and teenagers can actively participate in and understand the joyful anticipation of Christ's birth.


As Advent 2022 approaches, Peace Church eagerly awaits the opportunity to guide you through this transformative season. Join our inclusive and compassionate community as we celebrate the joy, hope, love, and peace that Advent brings into our lives. Together, let us embark on a spiritual journey that will deepen our faith, strengthen our relationships, and instill a profound sense of gratitude. We look forward to welcoming you to our congregation during this special time of the year.