MILITARISM: Military Archdiocese collection muddies nonviolence message, detractors say

Aug 16, 2019

Welcome to Peace Church, where we strive to promote a message of peace, love, and nonviolence. In this article, we delve into the complex topic of militarism and its impact on our faith-based beliefs. Specifically, we explore the controversy surrounding the Military Archdiocese collection and how it is perceived by detractors as muddying the nonviolence message. Join us as we navigate the intricate intersection between militarism, religion, and the pursuit of peace.

The Role of the Military Archdiocese

The Military Archdiocese is an organization within the Catholic Church that provides spiritual support and guidance to servicemen and women in the military. Its mission is to ensure that the spiritual needs of military personnel are met, regardless of their location or circumstances. While the work of the Military Archdiocese is undoubtedly important, it has sparked debates among various factions within religious communities.

The Controversy

Detractors argue that the Military Archdiocese's collection inadvertently blurs the line between religious faith and military service. They highlight concerns that the collection may serve to perpetuate the notion that violence can be justified in certain scenarios, contradicting the core principles of peace and nonviolence that many faith-based groups uphold.

While critics acknowledge the need to support military personnel spiritually, they question whether donations to the Military Archdiocese may inadvertently contribute to a culture that glorifies war and militarism. These critics advocate for a stronger emphasis on seeking peaceful solutions and challenging the underlying causes of conflict.

Peace Church's Perspective

At Peace Church, we recognize the importance of supporting our servicemen and women spiritually. We understand the challenges they face and the necessity of addressing their unique needs. However, we also firmly believe in maintaining a steadfast commitment to nonviolence and pursuing peaceful resolutions.

Our faith-based beliefs center around actively promoting peace and justice in all aspects of life. We advocate for dialogue, understanding, and empathy as tools to resolve conflicts and foster harmonious relationships. While we acknowledge the complexities surrounding militarism, we strive to encourage our congregation to explore alternative approaches that prioritize nonviolence.

Exploring Alternatives

At Peace Church, we actively engage with our community to foster discussions on the topic of militarism and its impact. We organize educational events, workshops, and guest speaker sessions to broaden our understanding and challenge existing perspectives. By exploring alternatives to violence, we hope to inspire change and cultivate a more peaceful society.


Militarism is a complex and contentious issue, particularly when examined through the lens of faith and beliefs. The Military Archdiocese collection has sparked debates among various factions, with detractors claiming that it muddies the nonviolence message. At Peace Church, we acknowledge these concerns while simultaneously striving to support military personnel spiritually.

We firmly believe that a commitment to nonviolence is essential to building a more peaceful and just world. Through open dialogue, education, and the promotion of alternative approaches, we work towards fostering a community that actively advocates for peace and challenges the roots of violence.

Join us at Peace Church in our journey towards peace, understanding, and nonviolence.