Nonviolence Conference - Message from Pope Francis

Oct 17, 2019


Welcome to Peace Church! As a community dedicated to faith and beliefs, we believe in fostering peace and spreading the message of nonviolence. In this article, we will delve into the powerful message delivered by Pope Francis at the opening of the Nonviolence Conference, which highlights the significance of nonviolence and just peace in our society.

The Nonviolence Conference

The Nonviolence Conference, organized by Peace Church, aims to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore the transformative power of nonviolence. This conference serves as a platform to discuss and promote peace, justice, and reconciliation.

Pope Francis' Message

Pope Francis delivered an inspiring message during his address at the opening of the Nonviolence Conference. He emphasized the importance of nonviolence as a core principle for creating a just and peaceful society.

Nonviolence as a Solution

According to Pope Francis, nonviolence is not a sign of weakness, but rather a courageous act that requires immense strength. By choosing nonviolence, we refuse to perpetuate the cycle of violence and seek alternative solutions to conflicts and injustices.

Building Just Peace

Pope Francis emphasizes that building a just peace requires addressing the root causes of violence and inequality. He calls for a comprehensive approach that takes into account social, economic, and political factors, promoting dialogue and understanding among different communities.

Inspiration for Individuals

The Pope's message serves as a powerful inspiration for individuals to embrace nonviolence in their daily lives. It encourages us to become agents of change, spreading love, compassion, and understanding within our communities.

Importance of Nonviolence and Just Peace

The Nonviolence Conference addresses the fundamental importance of embracing nonviolence and striving for just peace in our society. By promoting these principles, we aim to:

  • Foster harmonious relationships among individuals and communities;
  • Eliminate discrimination, violence, and injustice;
  • Encourage dialogue and mutual understanding;
  • Promote sustainable development and social progress;
  • Provide a platform for collaboration and activism;
  • Empower individuals to be advocates for peace and social change.


The Nonviolence Conference organized by Peace Church, with its inspiring message from Pope Francis, serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing nonviolence and working towards just peace. By uniting individuals, communities, and organizations in this pursuit, we can contribute to building a more compassionate, inclusive, and harmonious society.

Dennis Messer
Nov 8, 2023