Livestream event: "Defuse nuclear war" on Sunday, June 12

Dec 13, 2020

Join Peace Church in Our Mission for Peace

Welcome to Peace Church, a place of love, compassion, and hope. As a vibrant and inclusive community, we are committed to promoting peace and harmony in our ever-changing world. In line with our core values, we are excited to invite you to a thought-provoking and transformative livestream event titled "Defuse nuclear war" on Sunday, June 12.

Why Attend the Livestream Event?

In today's complex and challenging times, it's vital to discuss ways to defuse nuclear war and foster peaceful resolutions. Peace Church believes in the power of meaningful conversations and collective action. By participating in this event, you'll gain valuable insights into the consequences of nuclear conflict, understand the steps we can take to prevent it, and learn about the role faith and beliefs play in creating a peaceful society.

Our Distinguished Speakers

1. Dr. Jane Thompson - Leading Expert in Nuclear Disarmament

Dr. Jane Thompson is a renowned authority in the field of nuclear disarmament. With several publications on the subject, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the event. Dr. Thompson will shed light on the current global nuclear landscape, discuss the potential risks, and provide strategies to prevent conflicts from escalating into nuclear confrontations.

2. Reverend Michael Davies - Promoting Peace through Faith

Reverend Michael Davies is a respected clergy member and advocate for peace. Through his work, he emphasizes the importance of faith and beliefs in resolving conflicts and building bridges between communities. Reverend Davies will share how our spiritual connections can contribute to creating a world free from the threats of nuclear war.

Event Details

  • Date: Sunday, June 12
  • Time: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM (GMT)
  • Location: Livestream (Link will be provided upon registration)

Registration and Participation

This event is open to everyone passionate about promoting peace and fostering understanding. To register for the livestream "Defuse nuclear war" event, please visit our website at Secure your spot today and be part of this important conversation that can shape the future of our world.

Let's Defuse Nuclear War Together

At Peace Church, we firmly believe that every individual has the power to create change. By actively participating in events like "Defuse nuclear war," we can contribute to the building of a peaceful and prosperous world for future generations. Join us on Sunday, June 12, and let's work together to promote understanding, dialogue, and ultimately, peace.