Judith Kelly Interviewed About Jerzy Popiełuszko

Sep 10, 2018


Welcome to Peace Church's exclusive interview with Judith Kelly, where we delve into the life and legacy of the remarkable Jerzy Popiełuszko. In this interview, Judith shares her insights and knowledge about this influential figure who played a crucial role in advocating for freedom and human rights during the challenging times of communism.

A Fighter for Freedom

Jerzy Popiełuszko, often referred to as the "Solidarity Chaplain," was a Catholic priest and a crucial figure in the fight against the oppressive regime in Poland during the 1980s. Born on September 14, 1947, in Poland, Jerzy devoted his life to serving others and defending their rights.

His Contributions

During his short but impactful life, Jerzy Popiełuszko became a symbol of hope and resistance against the communist regime. Through his sermons and peaceful protests, he fearlessly spoke out against injustice, advocating for human rights and the equality of all people.

Jerzy's message centered on love, peace, and justice, drawing inspiration from his deep faith. He believed that a society built on these values would allow individuals to flourish and live in harmony.

The Price of Conviction

Unfortunately, Jerzy's unwavering commitment to his beliefs came at a great personal cost. He faced constant harassment, threats, and persecution from the authorities, who saw his influence as a threat to their power. Nevertheless, he refused to be silenced.

On October 19, 1984, Jerzy Popiełuszko was abducted by agents of the secret police and tragically murdered. His martyrdom shocked the nation and sparked widespread outrage both in Poland and abroad. It also served as a catalyst for the growing resistance movement against the oppressive regime.

The Legacy Lives On

Jerzy Popiełuszko's legacy continues to inspire millions around the world. His sacrifice and unyielding commitment to justice remind us of the importance of standing up for our beliefs, even in the face of adversity.

Today, Peace Church carries forward Jerzy's message of love, peace, and justice, fostering a community that is driven by compassion and solidarity. Our mission is to create a world where everyone's rights and dignity are respected, regardless of their background or beliefs.


In this interview, Judith Kelly provides valuable insights into the life and work of Jerzy Popiełuszko. His fight for freedom, his unwavering commitment to his faith, and his ultimate sacrifice serve as a testament to the power of one individual to make a significant impact on society.

We hope that by reflecting on Jerzy Popiełuszko's story, you are inspired to take a stand for justice and contribute to making the world a better place.

David Reyes
👏 Fantastic interview with Judith Kelly shedding light on the incredible life of Jerzy Popiełuszko! His fight for freedom will always be an inspiration! ✊🗣️
Nov 10, 2023