Godly Play - St Andrew's Episcopal Church of York, PA

Nov 27, 2017

Welcome to the Godly Play program at St Andrew's Episcopal Church of York, PA. Join us and discover the transformative power of faith through interactive storytelling and creative expression.

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play is a unique approach to religious education that emphasizes the importance of story and play in the spiritual development of children and adults alike. Developed by educator and theologian, Dr. Jerome Berryman, it nurtures curiosity, imagination, and wonder.

Why Choose Godly Play at St Andrew's Episcopal Church?

At St Andrew's Episcopal Church, we are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming environment for children, where they can explore their faith in a meaningful and engaging way. Our Godly Play program offers:

  • Interactive Storytelling: Through the power of storytelling, children are invited to enter into the stories of the Bible and encounter the mystery of God in a personal and relatable way. Our experienced storytellers guide children in reflecting on the stories and encourage them to share their own interpretations.
  • Creative Expression: Godly Play encourages children to express their spiritual insights through art, crafts, and other creative activities. This allows them to engage with the stories on a deeper level and develop their own unique understanding of faith.
  • Inclusive Community: We believe that every child is a valued member of our community. In our Godly Play sessions, children learn to appreciate and respect one another's perspectives, fostering an environment of inclusivity, love, and support.
  • Faith Formation: The Godly Play program helps children build a solid foundation of faith by exploring key stories from the Bible, engaging in theological reflection, and participating in communal worship. Through this process, they develop a genuine and personal relationship with God.

Join Our Godly Play Community

We invite families in the York, PA area to join our Godly Play community at St Andrew's Episcopal Church. Our sessions are open to children from preschool through elementary school, and we also offer special events and activities for older youth and adults.

When you join our Godly Play program, you can expect:

  • A safe and nurturing environment for your child to explore their faith
  • Experienced and compassionate teachers who are passionate about Godly Play
  • Opportunities for your child to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Fellowship and connection with other families in the community
  • A deeper understanding of the Bible and Christian teachings

Upcoming Godly Play Events

Stay connected with our Godly Play community by participating in our upcoming events:

  • Family Godly Play Workshop: Join us on [Date] from [Time] for a special workshop where parents and children can learn more about the Godly Play approach and gain practical skills for using it at home.
  • Godly Play Retreat: Take part in our annual Godly Play retreat where families can deepen their spiritual practice, engage in meaningful discussions, and enjoy fun activities together.
  • Godly Play Summer Camp: Enroll your child in our Godly Play Summer Camp, where they can experience a week of immersive storytelling, creative expression, and joyful community building.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Godly Play program, please feel free to contact us:

Peace Church - St Andrew's Episcopal Church

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Email: [Insert Email]

Phone: [Insert Phone Number]

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to the enriching world of Godly Play at St Andrew's Episcopal Church of York, PA.

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Mario Cordova
I wish we had this program closer to where I live! It sounds like a wonderful way to engage with faith and connect with others. Hoping to find something similar in my area soon. 🙏
Nov 12, 2023
Adam Panholzer
Sounds amazing! 👍
Nov 8, 2023