Chorister Attendance Expectations at Peace Church

Jul 13, 2018

Importance of Chorister Attendance

At Peace Church, we believe that music plays a crucial role in our worship services and community. The choristers, in particular, play an integral part in creating a meaningful and uplifting experience for our congregation. Therefore, we have established clear attendance expectations to ensure the collective success of our music program and to honor the commitment of our dedicated choristers.

Commitment to Excellence

By joining Peace Church's choir, our choristers make a commitment to prioritize regular attendance for rehearsals and performances. This commitment demonstrates their dedication and passion for musical excellence and their desire to contribute to the spiritual growth of our community.

Benefits of Regular Attendance

Consistent attendance offers numerous benefits to our choristers. Firstly, it allows them to develop and refine their musical skills, enhancing their overall performance abilities. Regular rehearsals provide an opportunity to learn new vocal techniques, improve sight-reading abilities, and develop a deeper understanding of music theory.

Furthermore, consistent participation fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the choristers. They build lasting friendships and create a supportive network within the choir, encouraging each other to excel as a collective unit.

Regular attendance also ensures that our choristers feel confident and well-prepared for the performances. By attending rehearsals regularly, they become familiar with the music repertoire, harmonies, and dynamics, allowing them to deliver a harmonious and emotionally captivating performance for our congregation.

Attendance Expectations

At Peace Church, we have established the following attendance expectations for our choristers:

1. Weekly Rehearsals

All choristers are expected to attend weekly rehearsals, which are held every Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Regular rehearsal attendance ensures that choristers remain consistently engaged and prepared for upcoming performances.

2. Sunday Worship Services

Choristers are required to attend Sunday worship services where their participation is scheduled. The choir contributes to the worship experience by leading the congregation in hymns, anthems, and other musical expressions of faith.

3. Special Events and Performances

Choristers may be invited to participate in special events and performances outside of regular worship services. Attendance at these events is crucial to showcase the talent and dedication of our choir to the wider community.

Handling Attendance Conflicts

We understand that occasional conflicts may arise that prevent choristers from attending rehearsals or performances. In such cases, we expect the choristers to notify the choir director or their assigned section leader in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made.

By prioritizing regular attendance and maintaining open communication, we ensure that the overall harmony of the choir is preserved and that any necessary adjustments can be made to accommodate the individual needs of our choristers.


At Peace Church, our choristers play a vital role in bringing the joy of music to our worship services and enriching the spiritual journey of our congregation. By upholding our attendance expectations, choristers not only develop as musicians but also contribute to the sense of unity and fellowship within the choir and the wider community.