VBS 2014 Daily News: Monday

May 6, 2022


Welcome to the VBS 2014 Daily News: Monday at Peace Church! We are excited to share the memorable moments and engaging activities from our Vacation Bible School. Join us as we explore the theme of faith, fun, and fellowship. Discover the meaningful experiences that made this day truly special.

The Morning Session

Our day started early with a heartwarming welcome from our dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic participants. The morning session focused on building a strong foundation of faith through interactive and engaging activities.

Discovering the Power of Prayer

One of the highlights of the morning was a captivating interactive session on the power of prayer. Children were encouraged to deepen their understanding of prayer and its significance in their lives. Through stories, music, and creative exercises, they learned how prayer brings them closer to God and fosters a sense of peace within.

Bible Story Time

In this session, our compassionate teachers shared an inspiring Bible story with the children. The story emphasized the importance of kindness, compassion, and spreading love to others. The children eagerly listened, asked insightful questions, and actively participated in discussions, showcasing their growing knowledge of the scripture.

Crafting Faithful Creations

The joy of creativity filled the air as the children engaged in a series of hands-on crafts. Guided by our talented instructors, they created meaningful crafts that reflected biblical teachings. From colorful prayer bracelets to heart-shaped prayer journals, each child's creativity shone brightly, reinforcing their connection to their faith.

The Afternoon Adventures

After a delightful lunch, the afternoon offered a range of fun activities designed to reinforce the values and beliefs learned earlier in the day.

Musical Journey of Faith

Our talented choir director led the children in an exhilarating musical journey of faith. Through rhythmic beats and harmonious melodies, they discovered the power of worship and praise. The children eagerly sang, clapped, and danced to uplifting tunes, reaffirming their joyous connection to God.

Outdoor Games and Team Building

To further strengthen their bond and foster a sense of community, the children participated in outdoor games and team-building exercises. Laughter filled the air as they engaged in friendly competitions, forming lasting friendships and developing essential teamwork skills. These activities provided an opportunity for them to experience the values of compassion, fairness, and unity.

Snack Break and Refreshments

A well-deserved snack break allowed the children to refuel and enjoy delicious treats prepared with love. As they sat together, exchanging stories and sharing their experiences, they celebrated the sense of togetherness and camaraderie that VBS brings.

The Closing Ceremony

The day concluded with a meaningful and heartfelt closing ceremony filled with gratitude, reflections, and thanksgiving.

Expressing Gratitude

During this session, the children had the opportunity to express their gratitude towards the dedicated volunteers who made VBS 2014 Daily News: Monday possible. They thanked everyone involved, sharing their appreciation and reflections on the day's transformative experiences.

Prayer Circle and Blessing

The closing ceremony culminated in a beautiful prayer circle, where all participants joined hands, forming a symbol of unity and connection. Together, they offered prayers of gratitude, blessings, and a shared vision for a brighter future filled with faith and love.

Continuing the Journey

As the day came to an end, the children left with hearts filled with joy, faith, and a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey. The VBS 2014 Daily News: Monday at Peace Church served as a stepping stone for their ongoing exploration of faith and belief.

Join Us for Future Events

We invite you to join us for future events and activities at Peace Church. Experience the warmth of our community, explore your faith, and create lasting memories. Together, we can continue fostering an environment of love, acceptance, and connection.


The VBS 2014 Daily News: Monday at Peace Church was a day filled with faith, fun, and fellowship. From engaging morning sessions to exciting afternoon adventures, the children embraced their faith journey with enthusiasm and joy. Through interactive activities, creative crafts, heartfelt worship, and meaningful connections, they deepened their understanding of faith, prayer, and the importance of community. Join us for future events and experience the transformative power of faith at Peace Church. Together, we can illuminate the path of love, compassion, and spiritual growth as we embark on this remarkable journey.

Tood Noble
Great memories made!
Nov 8, 2023