Pacem in Terris at 60: Is the Catholic Church heeding the call to Gospel nonviolence?

Sep 29, 2020


Welcome to Peace Church! In this article, we will delve into the topic of Pacem in Terris at 60 and examine how the Catholic Church is embracing the call to Gospel nonviolence. Join us on this journey as we explore the importance of this document in promoting peace and justice in our society.

What is Pacem in Terris at 60?

Pacem in Terris at 60 is a landmark encyclical issued by Pope John XXIII in 1963. It translates to "Peace on Earth" and addresses the ideas of peace, justice, and human rights in the modern world. This encyclical emphasizes the importance of nonviolence and the need for individuals, communities, and nations to work together towards achieving peace.

The Significance of Pacem in Terris at 60

The Catholic Church has always held a central role in promoting social justice and peace. Pacem in Terris at 60 stands as a testament to the Church's commitment to advocating for nonviolence and the pursuit of a just world. This document serves as a guide and inspiration for Catholics and individuals of all faiths to actively engage in promoting peace and justice.

Guidance for Individuals

Pacem in Terris at 60 highlights the role of individuals in fostering peace and nonviolence. It calls upon believers to embrace love, forgiveness, and compassion, treating each other with dignity and respect. By following these principles, individuals can contribute to creating a harmonious society and promoting justice.

Impact on Local Communities

The message of Pacem in Terris at 60 has resonated within local communities around the world. It has inspired individuals to work tirelessly towards achieving peace through dialogue, understanding, and cooperation. Religious institutions, including the Catholic Church, have taken up the mantle by organizing interfaith events, peace initiatives, and community outreach programs.

Influence on National Policies

Pacem in Terris at 60 has influenced national policies in various countries, encouraging governments to prioritize diplomacy, human rights, and social justice. Its teachings have played a vital role in shaping legislation pertaining to conflict resolution, arms control, and peacemaking efforts. The Catholic Church, along with other faith-based organizations, has been actively involved in promoting policy changes to align with the principles laid out in this encyclical.

Current Initiatives Inspired by Pacem in Terris at 60

It is important to recognize the ongoing efforts that have emerged as a result of Pacem in Terris at 60. Here are a few notable initiatives:

Interfaith Dialogue for Peace

Recognizing the power of dialogue in resolving conflict, many communities have embraced interfaith dialogue as a means to foster understanding and build bridges. These initiatives bring people of different faiths together to engage in open and respectful conversations about peace, justice, and nonviolence.

Promotion of Human Rights

Pacem in Terris at 60 emphasizes the inherent dignity and rights of every human being. Inspired by this encyclical, Catholic organizations have been at the forefront of promoting human rights, working towards the eradication of discrimination, inequality, and violence. These organizations actively engage in advocacy, awareness campaigns, and support for marginalized communities.

Education and Awareness

Promoting peace and nonviolence begins with education and awareness. Inspired by Pacem in Terris at 60, educational institutions, including Catholic schools and universities, incorporate teachings on peace and justice into their curriculum. Students are encouraged to become advocates for positive change, equipped with the knowledge and values necessary to promote a more peaceful world.


As we commemorate Pacem in Terris at 60, it is evident that the Catholic Church, through its teachings and initiatives, is actively heeding the call to Gospel nonviolence. This document continues to inspire and guide individuals, communities, and nations towards promoting peace, justice, and human rights. Let us all strive to embrace the principles of Pacem in Terris at 60 and work together to create a more peaceful and just society.

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