Into the Light Part 3 John 17:20-26

Mar 13, 2018

Discover the Message of Unity and Love

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John 17:20-26. In this sermon, we explore the powerful message of unity and love that Jesus conveyed to his disciples. Join us as we dive deep into the scriptures and uncover the profound insights within.

The Significance of Unity in the Teachings of Jesus

Jesus' teachings often revolved around the importance of unity among his followers. In this passage, he shares a heartfelt prayer with his disciples, expressing his desire for them to be one, just as he and the Father are one.

By studying this passage, we gain a deeper understanding of the unity Jesus envisioned for his followers and the divine love that empowers them.

Exploring John 17:20-26

Let's delve into the verses of John 17:20-26 to better grasp the insights Jesus intended to convey to both his disciples and future generations of believers.

Verse 20: Unity for the Sake of Witnessing

Jesus prays not only for the unity of his current disciples but also for those who will believe in him through their word. This highlights the importance of unity as a powerful witness to those who have yet to come to faith.

Verse 21: Unity Reflects God's Nature

Jesus expresses his desire for his followers to be one, just as he is one with the Father. This unity reflects the perfect relationship within the Trinity and serves as a testimony to God's nature to the world.

Verse 22-23: Unity Rooted in God's Love

Jesus emphasizes that the love the Father has for him is to be in his disciples, bringing them into complete unity. This divine love unites believers, providing a powerful testimony to the transformative power of God's love.

Verse 24: Unity through Eternal Sharing

Jesus assures his disciples that he desires them to be with him and see his glory. This unity extends beyond the earthly realm and offers a glimpse into the eternal fellowship with Christ, reinforcing the significance of unity for believers.

Verse 25-26: The Fullness of God's Love

Jesus declares that the world does not know the Father, but he and his disciples have made the Father's name known. This reveals the responsibility of believers to spread the message of God's love, further emphasizing the importance of unity in fulfilling this mission.

Applying the Lessons from John 17:20-26

Understanding Jesus' teachings on unity and love is not simply an intellectual exercise but a call to action. As followers of Christ, we are called to live in unity and love, becoming a powerful testimony to the transforming work of the Gospel.

By embracing unity, believers can overcome divisions and demonstrate the love of Christ to the world, drawing others to experience the peace, joy, and hope found in a relationship with Him.

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