Welcome to Peace Church's Women's Ministry Christmas Cookie Exchange!

May 19, 2018


Join us at Peace Church's Women's Ministry Christmas Cookie Exchange for a delightful afternoon filled with the joy of Christmas and the deliciousness of homemade cookies. This beloved annual event brings together women from our congregation and community to share sweet treats, warm conversations, and of course, the spirit of love and fellowship.

About Peace Church

Peace Church is a vibrant community that stands at the heart of our neighborhood, connecting individuals through shared faith, love, and values. Our church offers a welcoming environment for everyone, providing a place to worship, grow spiritually, and build meaningful relationships.

The Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry at Peace Church is dedicated to empowering women, nurturing their spirituality, and fostering a strong sense of sisterhood. Through various activities, events, and initiatives, we aim to create a supportive environment for women to grow in their faith and form lasting connections with one another.

About the Christmas Cookie Exchange

The Christmas Cookie Exchange is a highly anticipated event organized by our Women's Ministry each year. It brings together the love for baking, the joy of Christmas, and the spirit of giving in one delightful gathering.

Date, Time, and Location

The Women's Ministry Christmas Cookie Exchange will take place on [Event Date] at [Event Time] in the cozy setting of Peace Church's fellowship hall.

Event Highlights

Prepare to indulge your senses in an array of delectable homemade cookies lovingly crafted by the talented bakers of our community. Whether you are a master baker or a novice in the kitchen, the cookie exchange provides an opportunity to share your favorite recipes and discover new sweet delights.

Here are some highlights of the event:

  • Cookie Swap: Bring a batch of your favorite homemade cookies to exchange with others. You'll leave with a beautiful assortment of treats to enjoy throughout the holiday season.
  • Recipe Sharing: Share your cookie recipes with fellow attendees, and perhaps discover a new favorite recipe for next year.
  • Prizes and Surprises: Participate in fun activities and have the chance to win exciting prizes. We have surprises in store for you!
  • Fellowship and Connection: Connect with other women in our community, forge new friendships, and strengthen bonds as we come together to celebrate this joyful season.

How to Participate

Participating in the Women's Ministry Christmas Cookie Exchange is easy and everyone is welcome to join! Here's how you can be a part of this delicious event:

  1. RSVP: Kindly RSVP by [RSVP Date] to ensure we can accommodate everyone comfortably.
  2. Cookie Preparation: Bake a batch of your favorite homemade cookies. If you're unsure about what to bake, reach out to the Women's Ministry for suggestions and inspiration.
  3. Arrival and Check-In: Arrive at Peace Church's fellowship hall during the event's designated time to check in and receive your exchange number.
  4. Cookie Display and Exchange: Find your designated table and beautifully display your cookies. Enjoy browsing other tables and selecting cookies to take home.
  5. Fellowship and Enjoyment: Stay for a while, engage in conversations with other attendees, and savor the delightful treats and warm company.
  6. Take Home Goodies: Bring your carefully selected assortment of cookies home and enjoy them with your loved ones!

Spread the Joy

In the spirit of Christmas, the Women's Ministry Christmas Cookie Exchange is not only an opportunity to enjoy delicious cookies but also a chance to give back. We encourage participants to bring non-perishable food items or make a monetary donation, which will be collected to support a local charity or food bank.

Registration and Contact Information

To register for the Women's Ministry Christmas Cookie Exchange or for any inquiries, please contact our Women's Ministry coordinator, [Coordinator's Name], at [Coordinator's Email] or [Coordinator's Phone Number].

We look forward to celebrating the joy of Christmas, the love of cookies, and the warmth of friendship with you at Peace Church's Women's Ministry Christmas Cookie Exchange. Remember to mark your calendars and be prepared to experience the sweetness of this delightful event.

May this holiday season be filled with blessings, love, and an abundance of freshly baked cookies!